Ottawa business collecting old tires for charity


May 21, 2014

Instead of collecting dust in the garage, old tires can go toward putting smiles on kids’ faces.

A provincewide campaign is turning recycled tires into a fundraising initiative benefiting children’s charity The Sunshine Foundation of Canada.

For Tire Take Back, from May 26 to 31, local businesses will donate fees from used tire drop-offs to the organization, which deals in dreams-come-true for children with life-threatening illnesses or severe physical disabilities.

The Sunshine Foundation arranges experiences such as trips to Disney World, meetings with star athletes and deliveries of custom-made gifts such as adaptive bicycles.

Standard Auto Wreckers in Ottawa South is participating in this year’s initiative, which is led by the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association and Ontario Tire Stewardship.

Tires from passenger vehicles, light trucks and agricultural vehicles will be accepted as part of the campaign.

Last year, more than 58,000 tires were dropped off across the province and more than $175,000 was raised, $32,000 of that by people in the Ottawa area.

Sonshine Auto Parts in Cumberland collected more than 12,000 tires, the most in the province, said spokesperson Pira Pathmanathan.

This year’s campaign includes a $15,000 prize for the collection site that brings in the most tires to be used for recycled tire products for a local, non-profit project.

Tires can be dropped off at Standard Auto Wreckers, 5402 Richmond Rd., from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, or 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. Saturdays.


Commentary by the ottawa mens centre

First the Ontario Government needs to address is Multi Billion Dollar Funding
for the Fascist Goals of Gender Superiority or what is known as "Male Sharia Law".

The Ontario Government spends billions of Dollars promoting Violence against children and Fathers
though its unaccountable Corrupt Children's Aid Societies of Ontario who openly promote violence towards fathers by treating fathers as second class human beings.

Across Ontario, the CAS use their billion Dollars of direct funding to Fabricate Evidence, Abuse Children and the male victims of domestic violence.

Across Ontario the various Police Forces use "Gender Superiority" programs that end up in "Partner Assault" where corrupt Police forces like the Ottawa Police use for Terror and Intimidation by
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In Ottawa some 100 Million dollars goes to Ottawa's 2nd largest Criminal Organization,
The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who, use Government Funds for their War on Fathers
or anyone else they decide to use their unlimited funds to litigate for.

In Ottawa, each child taken into care for a year is worth around $266,000 and each child made a crown ward is worth around a Million Dollars.

Across Ontario, "snitches" and spies for CAS operate a baby-snatching business where babies and or children are taken from children on the vaguest excuse and frequently on the basis of flagrantly fabricated evidence or claiming evidence when none exists.

While Ontario Funds Billions of Dollars to unaccountable criminal organizations, it makes the collection of tires a diversion from reality.