Andrew Coyne: Trudeau helps the cause of democratic reform (by not pursuing it)

May 26, 2014


Trudeau is Blind Deaf and Dumb when it comes to Justice in Canada.

Ottawa is the nation's capital, it's also the most outrageous wast each year of enough funds to develop a large underground metro with the money it funds State Funded Criminal Organizations like the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, the Ottawa Police, our corrupt Judiciary who Rubber Stamp anything the Ottawa Police or the
that requested by the "Baby Snatchers", the evidence fabricating criminals at the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

Trudeau should take note that the Godfather of Crime in Ottawa is one CAS supervisor, ROB GODMAN who has unbelievable influence over the 
Ottawa Police, the Judiciary, and worst of all, Corrupt Crown Attorney's like
VIKII BAIR and TARA DOBEC who rage an extreme feminist war on men
in their fascist like agenda or promoting hatred towards men or what is called 
Gender Superiority that is similar if not identical to how H1tler treated the Jews

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