Egan: United Way predicament means raising $30M leaves it short of $21M goal


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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Ottawa Residents need to be aware that the Children's Aid Society is not a charity.
This is a Criminal Organization, a Cartel of 48 unaccountable Private Corporations who the Legal profession call "The Gestapo" who believe that they have the Power of God.

In Ottawa, the effective GOD-Father of "the Gestapo" is an Effeminate psychopath with a propensity for absolute cruelty, torture and fabrication of Evidence, a Supervisor of workers who fabricate evidence and abuse children, one ROB GODMAN real name Robert Godman who has the ability by nature of his job, to direct the Ottawa Police to lay criminal charges, and for the Crown to Stay Criminal Charges against
FEMALE abusers.

The Children's Aid Society is one Organization to be avoided. It hires the workers with a propensity and willingness to abuse children and destroy society.

Ottawa's largest Criminal Gang is located at 1602 Telesat Court and if you are a Psychopath with a propensity for fabricating evidence, they have a job for you as a Child Protection Worker.