‘Gender is having a moment’: How the wars over misogyny and feminism have finally reached a fever pitch







Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Extreme Feminism controls government, the selection of Judges and has changed out law to what can only be called "Male Sharia Law" to the po int that men have next to no legal rights while granting women, unbelievable rights to be prosecutors, judges, criminals and terrorists simply because of their gender war against those who by accident of birth were born with testicles.

Take the Canadian Criminal Code, a man can be convicted of criminal harassment simply if she can prove "she was afraid" , no evidence, just her subjective view or more to the point, uncorroborated allegation that requires NO proof what so ever.

Canadian Courts are riddled with cowardly gutless Corrupt Judges who "Rubber Stamp" some 98% of custody decisions in favour of women.

If a male dares to state he was the victim of domestic violence, he is likely to face endless litigation and criminal charges until he stops committing "feminist heresy".

In Ottawa the Crown Attorneys VIKII BAIR, TARA DOBEC and VIVIAN LEE

operate a war on men, prosecuting male victims of domestic violence while

STAYING Charges against any violent mother who is being supported by "The Gestapo", that is the common name lawyers use for

The Children's Aid Society.

Feminist lawyers like CAS Lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis spend their lives Fabricating Evidence against Fathers who dare to suggest that have been victims of a violent woman. In their perverted views, its become their role to promote hatred against fathers and to, commit any number of Criminal Offenses in the process.

Such is the lawless state of Canada where Male Sharia Law Applies.

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