Around Town: Luncheon for Canadian AIDS Research


June 1, 2014


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre
It's amazing, about the only story the Ottawa Citizen is allowing commentary on is the one that
mentions Laureen Harper for a safe, politically correct story.

Spare a thought for the victims of avoidable atrocities in Ottawa but no, you won't find a single politician brave enough to take on Ottawa's Largest Criminal Organization who abduct and abuse children, the
the "Children's Aid Society of Ottawa" who are just one of 48 member of a Criminal Cartel of
Professional Criminals who abduct children, abuse children and terrorize parents.

Laureen Harper should turn down any offer to meet the vile scum of Ottawa like
Marguerite Isobel Lewis, an evidence Fabricating Lawyer for the CAS Ottawa, locally
referred to by lawyers as "The Gestapo".

Laureen Harper should draw her husband's attention to the many billions of Dollars paid by taxpayers for
Criminals to Abuse children.

When the Harpers get to meet Judiciary of Ottawa, they will be meeting some of the most ruthless cowardly psychopaths in Canada.

Take the Dishonourable Timothy Minnema, a former lawyer for the Kingston Gestapo, who as a judge personally fabricates evidence and Rubber Stamps anything the CAS want.

The Ottawa Judiciary are riddled with cowardly professional child abusers who fail society, who abuse children by Rubber Stamping anything asked for by Ottawa's most notorious and vile Criminals
The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

If you are a psychopath, have a propensity and willingness for torture and abuse of children and parents
Contact Ottawa's GODFATHER, CAS Supervisor, ROB GODMAN of the CAS Ottawa, he has vacancies for "Child Protection Workers"

Check out the wanted pages
Ottawa Mens