Baby boom meets daycare bust in Canada

Child care spaces are barely rising despite the largest baby boom in 50 years and record numbers of young mothers in the workforce.


Brooke Richardson and her baby Kai Richardson-Lamb were among the mom-child pairs who joined a Queen's Park protest last month about the shortage of licensed and affordable child care.



Notice that the word "Father" does not appear in this article?
Across Canada, society treats male parents, fathers, as second class human beings with Canadian Family Courts "awarding" custody, to mother's 98% of the time.

Ontario is a dangerous place for fathers with Government Funded Criminal Organizations abusing their absolute Power by not just abusing victims of crime but promoting violence against men.

In Ottawa CORRUPT COP Det. Peter Van Der Zander fabricates evidence to NOT charge violent women and to provide fabricated evidence to ensure children are removed from full time fathers and placed in the care of the most violent women in Canada.

The Ottawa Police are Notorious for prosecuting Male Victims of Domestic Violence in blatant advocacy for Violent mothers.

The Ottawa Police are in turn directed by the "God-Father of Ottawa" a one ROB GODMAN aka Robert Godman, a Psychopath supervisor of "The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, commonly referred the to by lawyers as "The Gestapo" for good reasons.

ROB GODMAN operates a Gender Cleansing operation that operates by Fabricating Evidence and even uses Psychopaths like Notorious CAS LAWYER MARGUERITE ISOBEL LEWIS who is well known for Fabricating Evidence in the Court Room.

The War Against Fathers is accomplished by the Extreme Feminists and the most corrupt members of Society "Anointing" Former CAS lawyers as Judges where they "Rubber Stamp" anything and everything the CAS put before the court, especially when it is Advocating for the Most Violent of Female Parents.

These Criminal Organizations are the legacy of decades of Liberal support for the worst of the worst Criminals in Ontario, like ROB GODMAN who abuse Children as part of a Billion Dollar Criminal Cartel.

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