National Post editorial board: It’s time for Canada to get on board with missile defence



A Standard Missile-3 is launched from a U.S. Navy vessel in Kauai, Hawaii.

Any Canadians who may still doubt that the world remains a dangerous and unstable place, have plenty of regions to look to for proof. Terror groups are proliferating in Africa. Iraq seems set to slide into the same kind of civil war that still rages in Syria. Rockets are landing in Israel, China is flexing its muscles in the Pacific and even Eastern Europe has of late feared a return to large-scale armed conflict.

North America is far removed from these flash points. But we are not immune. The threat of ballistic missile attack by a nation such as Iran or North Korea, while still remote, is real — increasingly so. Our allies in NATO and Asia have acknowledged this, and moved to provide some modest degree of protection for their citizens. Among our advanced allies, Canada is an odd outlier in its refusal to do the same.

As Daniel Lang and Roméo Dallaire note in Monday’s edition of the National Post, this can be corrected. The United States, which is working to improve the limited system of ballistic missile defences it fields on our shared continent, has long sought Canadian co-operation. The American system does not deploy weapons in space, is too modest to alter the nuclear balance of power with Russia and, as noted by Messrs. Lang and Dallaire, would not require a major financial investment by Canada. Even providing logistical or technical assistance to the U.S. would make us a full partner in the defence of our homeland.

Our government has already endorsed the concept of missile defences for our NATO allies in Europe. It is inexplicable that we would not also endorse it for our own citizens at home.

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commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

This article from the "National Post Editorial Board" and its blatant "publicity posts" sounds like American Conservatives dictates to the Harper government.

The Harper Government has a "head in the sand" attitude to the substantive economic problems facing Canada and takes the delusional approach that Law, Order and Military spending will resolve all our economic and social problems.

The basis of Military spending is to spend money on local businesses who are subsidiaries of American Military Suppliers.

The "establishment" of Canada has for decades adopted a Corrupt Cronyism approach that enshrines the payment of billions of dollars for those who are part of the "establishment" at the cost of destruction of the rest of society.

Canada's Corrupt Mentality has resulted in an escalating economic cancer that is addressed by increased spending on the most Corrupt aspects of Government.

Judges are selected for the propensity to "support the establishment", judges now make Political decisions instead of legal decisions. Not a Single Potential Judge undergoes psychological screening that results in Judges Chambers being one of the most Toxic work places imaginable with society's worst psychopaths collected together where they protect the Government from anything the Government does not want to see.

Ontario is the largest economic cancer in Canada. Ontario Spends Billions of dollars on it's own Criminal Organizations that do little more than leave a trail of destroyed lives and more revolving business for the most corrupt criminal organizations in Canada.

The Worst of the Worst of State Funded Criminal Organizations is the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario who endlessly fabricate evidence to get what they want from Judges who turn a blind eye because they, include many former lawyers like Timothy Minnema , a former lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Kingston.

Ottawa, the Capital of Canada is one of the world's most Corrupt places. The Ottawa Police budget of $400 million Dollars a year is spent largely promoting violence against men. The Ottawa Police claim that 90% of victims are female, a statistic that does not exist anywhere almost anywhere else.

The Ottawa Police are Directed by the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, an incredible collection of Criminals like Liam Bowman, Phil Hiltz-Laforge, child protection workers who are "supervised" by the GOD-FATHER of Ottawa Crime, ROB GODMAN, a supervisor of the CAS Ottawa who has incredible power to direct Police to lay charges, stay charges and even have Corrupt Crown Attorneys like TARA DOBEC a $200,000 a year Government paid Criminal who STAYS charges against criminals like MARGUERITE ISOBEL LEWIS aka "The Baby-Snatcher" a "lawyer for the CAS Ottawa who personally fabricates evidence in the Court Room.

If the very honourable Mr. Peter McKay wants to gain Billions of Dollars for Military Spending, he only need to take a cursory glance at the Operations of Ontario's worst Criminals, who are Ontario's worst Child Abusers, The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

Peter McKay needs to direct those in the Dept of the Attorney General to turn their guns on Canada's Worst Terrorists, those who Abduct Children from parents simply because they are the wrong gender or who draw to the government's attention, the Economic Cancer of Ontario's Worst Criminals that cost Canada many billions of Dollars that could otherwise buy hundreds of F35's etc.