Eight more potential victims in case of Orléans stalker


Meghan Hurley

Ottawa Citizen

July 28, 2014


Ottawa police believe there could be other victims in the case of a 29-year-old man who stands accused of harassing more than 20 women online under the name Scotty Toppers.

Since they put out a press release Friday, police said eight more women have contacted them reporting they were harassed by the same person.

All eight women have connections to Nicholas Decarlo, 29, who remains in police custody after being charged Friday and remanded in court Saturday.

Police said they executed a search warrant at a home on Briargate Private in Orléans early Friday morning. There they found two firearms, two air pistols, ammunition, drugs, drug scales, computer equipment and break and enter tools.

Decarlo was charged with criminal harassment, extortion, drug possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of stolen property, possession of break and enter tools, theft, and mischief to data.

He is expected to appear in court again Tuesday, by video-conference from the Regional Detention Centre.

Acting. Sgt. Peter Van Der Zander said a man attempted to conceal his identity by using a fake social media profile to stalk women online.

The man used photos, in some cases, to extort “things of a private nature” from the victims. Van Der Zander would not say what kind of photos the man used nor what he was trying to obtain from the victims.

“He wanted to capitalize on their vulnerability,” Van Der Zander said. “He’s an unknown person who is potentially defaming their character online to friends and colleagues. That has a huge impact on their lives, job prospects.”

Van Der Zander said the man somehow hacked into victims’ email to learn things he could use to extort them.

Police wouldn’t say when the first victim came forward to police, but said one of the last known victims reported the online harassment in May.

Around the same time, investigators determined there was a link between several incidents of online harassment they were investigating as separate cases.

Police said they bundled the investigations into one and uncovered the real identity of Scotty Toppers.

Police say that after they identified the accused, some victims realized they knew him.

Some of the victims also knew each other. In some cases, women didn’t go to police until they found out some of their friends were also alleged victims.

“Often times, people in that scenario will shut down their social media account,” Van Der Zander said. “Not every victim of a crime reports that crime to police, especially a crime that’s of such a personal nature.”

Anyone with information about this case can call police at 613-236-1222, ext. 3566.

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Nicholas Decarlo, 29, has not been charged with possession of a firearm. Incorrect information appeared in an earlier version of this story.



Sgt. Peter Van Der Zander is known as one of Ottawa's "Rotten Cops". Peter Van Der Zander is now notorious for fabricating evidence and being a witness who cannot be believed. He is a pathological liar, an abuser of victims of crime.

The Ottawa Police especially the Chief of the Ottawa Police are aware of the Criminal Offences against the administration of justice by Peter Van Der Zander such as offences such as Fabricating Evidence because the true facts are politically incorrect and not what the Fascist Ottawa Police wish to see.


Van Der Zander has had his evidence rejected at court and his willingness to commit criminal offences is so notorious is openly referred to by many as "a rotten cop".


If you have had any similar experiences with Sgt. Peter Van De Zander send an email to info@ottawamenscentre.com or call 613 797 3237


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