Police ask public for Jian Ghomeshi videos, photographs or chat logs in ongoing investigation



TORONTO — Three people have filed complaints against Jian Ghomeshi, Toronto police said Saturday, as they asked anyone with possible evidence to contact them in their investigation into allegations of abuse against the former CBC radio host.

“Three people have contacted us providing information that they have been victimized relating to these allegations,” Insp. Joanna Beaven-Desjardins told a Saturday morning news conference.

“Toronto Police Service sex crimes has now commenced an active investigation into these allegations,” Beaven-Desjardins said.

Publicist Andrea Grau confirmed Friday that one of the women who contacted police was Trailer Park Boys star Lucy DeCoutere.

Word of police involvement came hours after an announcement by the CBC on Friday that the emergence of “graphic” evidence that Ghomeshi had caused physical injury to a person prompted his firing last Sunday.

Ghomeshi has said he has engaged in rough sex, but that it was always consensual, and said he was fired from the CBC because of the risk that his sex life would become public “as a result of a campaign of false allegations.”

In a Facebook post Thursday, he said he plans to confront allegations “directly,” but said he won’t discuss “this matter” further with the media.

Beaven-Desjardins said police believe there may be more alleged victims and investigators are appealing to them, or anyone with information relating to the allegations, to contact investigators.

Investigators believe “a person or persons have viewed graphic evidence of physical injury to a woman,” she said.

“We are requesting the public to come forward with any video, photograph, social media chats relating to this investigation,” Beaven-Desjardins said.

Investigators have not yet contacted Ghomeshi for an interview, but “at some point in the investigation he will be invited to come in and speak to us,” she said.

Beaven-Desjardins said police are investigating allegations of “assault and sexual assault.”

DeCoutere, who also serves as a captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force, was the first woman who levelled allegations against Ghomeshi to speak on the record about her experience.

DeCoutere told the Toronto Star she first met Ghomeshi in 2003 at the Banff World Media Festival and later went on a date with him in Toronto. She alleges that when they returned to his home, he pressed her up against a wall, choked her and slapped her across the face several times.

None of the allegations from any of the women have been proven and neither Ghomeshi nor his lawyers immediately responded to word of a police investigation.

As many as nine women have come forward to media outlets, with accusations of assault and sexual assault, but until Friday none had approached police.

Ghomeshi, 47 has launched a $55-million lawsuit against the CBC for breach of confidence and defamation. He has also filed a grievance alleging dismissal without proper cause that damaged his reputation.

The CBC has hired an independent investigator to look at its handling of the situation after at least one former employee said she had complained about his behaviour to a union rep, who spoke to his executive producer, but nothing substantive was done.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Police in Ontario operate under Male Sharia Law that treats allegations of gender based crimes entirely differently.

It's normal in Ontario for Police to Fabricate Evidence and or lay charges against male victims of domestic violence simply because crimes by women against men are not politically correct.

For one of the worst examples of a abuse of power by a police officer is Det. Peter Van Der Zander, who personally Fabricates Evidence NOT to charge violent women.

With Rotten Cops like Van Der Zander, Ontario now operates under Male Sharia Law that swamps our courts with Vexatious and malicious prosecutions that are based on Feminist political correctness rather than logic law or common sense.

Ottawa Police claim, 90% of their victims of domestic violence are female. That means, at least half the men charged are most probably victims of domestic violence who got charged for being politically incorrect victims of domestic violence.

Welcome to Canada where the Rule of Law is Male Sharia Law and a Police who enforce a Male Gender parent cleansing program.

Ottawa Mens Centre


Canada can be a scary place especially if you are a male.

Jian Ghomeshi is not exactly a poster boy for all other men who face what is called "Male Sharia Law".

Jian Ghomeshi has made admissions that invited the CBC to terminate his position and as a public person, Jian Ghomeshi knew or ought to have known that if his dirty little secrets got out, that it would be the end of his CBC career.

While we may be revolted by what we read, Jian Ghomeshi is entitled to a presumption of innocence and not a trial by media.


The Police will jump on and publish how many women called them and if the genders were reversed, the Police would probably refuse to listen.


In Ottawa, the Police operate a Gender Cleansing Operation that is operated to justify a $400 million dollar budge, and most of that budget is based on the improbable statistic that 90% of victims of domestic violence are female and 90% of the perpetrators are male.


These statistics occur as a direct result of the Ottawa Police habitually charging male victims of domestic violence and deterring men from reporting abuse.


Take Rotten Cop Det. Peter Van Der Zander who actually fabricates evidence NOT to charge the most violent of female offenders and then incarcerating without justification male victims of domestic violence to remove children from full time fathers.


Det. Peter Van Der Zander is one of the more obvious examples of a Publicly Funded Terrorist who terrorizes fathers and a classic example of why men should not be fathers or reside in the City of Ottawa.


When it comes to Policing, and justice, we live in a corrupt Fascist country with a man hating judiciary who are hell bent on Male Gender Cleansing.




Ottawa Mens Centre



The Toronto Police are all to willing to publish the fact that several women contacted them.

The Ottawa Police were supplied with incontrovertible evidence of Fabrication of Evidence by a Marguerite Isobel Lewis, a lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

This lawyer personally fabricated evidence and at first the Ottawa Police were outraged, the investigating officer a Det. John Gibbons said "She lied to the judge", its perjury. That same detective went cold as soon as he had a phone call from "The Gestapo", thats the name local lawyers use to describe The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

You won't ever hear the Ottawa Police or any police force for that matter talking about a  FEMALE offender who commits criminal offences against children or society or men.

Our Police are CORRUPT and operate by terrorizing fathers most of whom know that IF they call the police because they or their children are victims of abuse, that if they run into the likes of the nastiest examples of humanity in the Police, that they will never see their children again.

Our Police like the gutless cowardly evidence fabricating Det. Peter Van Der Zander are encouraged by political correctness to Fabricate Evidence to encourage violence by women towards men.

Ottawa Mens Centre