‘Orgy of spending’ expected in lead up to federal election as political parties stockpile tens of millions



From left: NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.



Federal political parties are stockpiling their war chests for a multi-million-dollar advertising blitz – part of what political observers say will be the longest federal election campaign in Canadian history.

The four main parties have been on fundraising blitzes in recent months as they sock away millions in preparation for the federal election scheduled for Oct. 19, 2015.

Election spending limits will only kick in for political parties once the campaign officially starts in September 2015 (if the government sticks to its fixed election date), so parties will likely unload huge dollars on ads over the summer months and early September when there are no expense caps.

“This makes the period before the election a money-spending free-for-all for the manipulation of voters,” said Robert MacDermid, a political scientist at York University in Toronto who specializes in political party financing,

The spending limit is expected to increase slightly in the 2015 election from the $21 million cap imposed in 2011, although the final numbers won’t be tabulated until the campaign. (The limit is based on the eligible number of electors, number of candidates fielded by each party, and is adjusted for inflation.)

The Conservatives, NDP and Liberals have been barraging donors in recent months with fundraising emails in an effort to help fill the kitty for the national campaign and the months leading up to it. The parties are also socking away millions of dollars in electoral district associations across the country, which can transfer cash to the national party.

Don Boudria, the minister in the former Liberal government who introduced political financing reforms, including the per-vote subsidy that’s now being phased out, said the spending limits won’t have much of an effect next campaign.

Assuming the government sticks with its fixed-date election, political parties will front-load a huge amount of spending on advertising before the writ drops and the expense limits take effect, he said.

“There will be an orgy of spending from about April, May, June of next year and it will go on right until election day,” Boudria said.


"There will be an orgy of spending from about April, May, June of next year and it will go on right until election day"

“It’s going to be the longest election campaign in Canadian history with the fixed election date. Without the fixed election date, that couldn’t happen.”

The federal Conservative party, which has been launching both online and broadcast attack ads against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for months, has millions in cash and investments.

The party’s 2013 financial statements said it had about $1.2 million in cash on hand, as well as another $8.9 million in “short-term investments” and $4.2 million in “long-term investments.”

The various investments consisted of guaranteed investment certificates maturing between one and one-and-a-half years. The party held an additional $4.2 million to be redistributed to new electoral district associations being created for the next election.


As well, the Conservative party raised about $13.5 million in political contributions in the first three-quarters of 2014 (to Sept. 30), and received an additional $3 million from the taxpayer-funded per-vote subsidy that is being eliminated April 1, 2015.

The Conservative party spent around $19.5 million in the 2011 campaign, short of the roughly $21 million limit, while the Liberals also spent roughly $19.5 million, according to Elections Canada.

The federal NDP, which spent the most of any party in the 2011 campaign ($20.3 million, according to Elections Canada), is planning to spend up to the cap in 2015.

“We have every expectation to spend the ceiling again,” said NDP spokesman George Soule.


"It’s going to be the longest election campaign in Canadian history with the fixed election date"

The Green party ran a national campaign on $1.9 million in 2011, while the Bloc Québécois nearly spent its limit in Quebec, at $5.3 million.

The NDP had approximately $1.4 million in cash on hand at the end of 2013, according to its financial statements, but it also has millions in equity with the Jack Layton Building in downtown Ottawa, which houses New Democrat headquarters and is owned by the party.

The party has also raised approximately $5.8 million in donations through the first three quarters of the year and received another $2.3 million from the per-vote subsidy.

The Liberals were sitting on about $4.6 million in “cash and cash equivalents” at the end of 2013, according to the party’s financial statements, and had another $4.5 million in term-deposit investments maturing between 2015 and 2016.

Also, the Liberal party fundraised $9.9 million in the first three quarters of 2014 and received an additional $1.4 million from the per-vote subsidy.

The Green party had almost $2.1 million in cash and cash equivalents at the end of 2013, including $400,000 in a term deposit, according to its financial statements. In 2014, the Greens have fundraised more than $1.5 million and received an extra $291,768 from the per-vote subsidy.

















Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


All three political leaders and the Honourable Peter McKay need to take careful note of this post.

All 3 parties have turned a blind eye to the escalating problem of Judicial Corruption in Ottawa.

Judges now encourage lawyers, of the their same ideology to Fabricate Evidence in Child Protection and Family Law matters. Ontario Judges now grant orders in Rubber Stamp fashion for the Most Vile Corrupt Child Abusers, the out of control Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

In Ottawa Ontario Superior Court well known judges former Employees of the Children's Aid Society are engaged in promoting Crime, promoting Criminal offenses against the administration of justice.

It has reached the stage where around 99% of women get custody 99% of the time.
The same frightening statistic is also with the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa whose lawyers Blatantly Fabricate Evidence against parents for political reasons.

All three leaders are fathers, they need to spare a thought for all the children who never see their father again thanks to the likes of
MARGUERITE ISOBEL LEWIS who personally fabricates Evidence and the Law Society of Upper Canada does not give a dam.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis is encouraged to Fabricate Evidence by Justices
TIM MINNEMA, JENNIFER BELISHEN who are just two of the former lawyers who were anointed to the Bench where they make blatantly corrupt decisions to assist the lawyers like Marguerite Isobel Lewis, Tracey Engleking and the list goes on to include a large number of lawyers at at least, most CAS offices in Ontario.

IF you want to meet the most vile of Child Abusers, visit any court room at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa where the likes of Monique Metiver grant orders for custody, EXPARTE, that is, without notice to the parties and apparently for the sadistic pleasure in ensuring yet another child never sees their father again.

All Three Leaders and every political party, EVERY Canadian needs a wake up call that the most trusted, those with the most amount of power and authority in Canada are in fact Criminals and Child Abusers.

These insults to justice encourage the underbelly of the legal profession like Marguerite Isobel Lewis of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa to Fabricate Evidence to, wait for it, give custody to mothers who are psychopaths with incredible records for assaulting children, talking about strangling children, and repeatedly attempting to strangle male partners.

They turn a Blind eye to Rotten Cops like Det. Peter Van Der Zander who personally Fabricates Evidence.

Then there are the Crown Attorney's who STAY Charges against Violent Women to take children away from Male Victims of Domestic Violence.

Canada has an escalating problem with Judicial Abuse and Judges operating Criminal Enterprises for Criminal Purposes. It is costing Canada mega Billions a year that would easily pay for several hundred F35's and a few Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers.

All Canada needs to do, is address the problem of Judges who engage in what is politely called "Judicial Misconduct".

That's a polite name for Obstruction of Justice and a never ending list of Criminal Offenses by Judges who are directly or indirectly personally appointed by politicians to make Political decisions.

Is there a single politician in Canada who will act?

Another reason why Canada is a Faccst country that promotes Terrorism by those in power in the name of Gender Cleansing.

If out Politicians don't act, the problem of the Judiciary fabricating evidence or encouraging fabrication of evidence will lead to these psychopaths murdering their own children and or creating a future generation of psychopaths.

Take Maria Alvarado-Gomez for example, she mixed an entire box of rat poison into smoothies for herself and her two daughters.

23-year-old Samantha Elizabeth Unger
told the Pennsylvania State Police who arrested her that she had
intentionally squeezed more than a bottle of eye drop solution in her
3-year-old’s water and juice and that her 1-year-old son had become sick
twice from accidentally drinking out of the same cup.

Christine Allen, the Kitchener,
Ont., woman accused of poisoning eight children and an adult, has been
sentenced to six years in prison, including time already served, after
pleading guilty to four counts of administering a noxious substance with
intent to cause bodily harm.

Allen, who is in her early thirties, ran an unlicensed daycare from a
home in the Pioneer Park area of Kitchener from 2009 to 2011, according
to police. She pleaded guilty to four counts of administering a noxious substance with intent to cause bodily harm.

Lacey Spears poisoned her son Garnett Spears with a lethal dose of sodium.

MARGUERITE ISOBEL LEWIS recently acknowledged that a mother had repeatedly assaulted her children and two male partners before claiming the child's disclosure of violence were not credible.

In Ottawa, Lewis has wrongly ended up with the nickname "The Baby-Snatcher", she does not need to. She is encouraged to fabricate "admissions" of the most serious of allegations and our Judges of the Ontario Superior Court turn a blind eye and permanently destroy their reputations in the community.

The don't care. They are psychopaths with absolute Power and absolute confidence that NOT a single politician or Police officer in any police Force will act to hold them accountable.

Ottawa Mens Centre

www.Blakout.ca Watch the Movie "Powerful as god"





Politicians suffer one of the worst rates of personal delinquency. Regardless of party, the political leaders are actors on a stage where they rarely ever do anything for the public benefit in any substantive way.

Our politicians work on the principle of political correctness, in the same way as the leader of Germany who came to power before and during WW2. That entire sentence was necessary to defeat the C.ensOr who would moderate the post if the word was mentioned. A classic example of political correctness that enforces Sensor-ship in Canada.

Ontario Politicians have over the decades, placed Absolute Dictator like powers in the hands of a few least suitable depraved examples of humanity who regard Fathers, or anyone disagrees with them as SHPOS.

Ontario Promotes Domestic Violence against fathers, it operates a Secret Police, that lawyers openly refer to as "The Gestapo", thats the name given to the Unaccountable Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

In Ottawa, The local branch of this Criminal Organization uses "Lawyers" Officers of the Court to Personally Fabricate Evidence against the most vulnerable in society, Male Victims of Domestic Violence to remove children from them and place with psychopaths, as long as they are female and assault the fathers and children.

In Ottawa Marguerite Isobel Lewis is such an example of a professional child abusing criminal who personally fabricates evidence in Child Protection cases to abuse children and undermine the judicial process that assumes as its primary goal, that fathers are SHPOS, and who should be removed from children's lives.

The very worst promoters of hatred against Fathers are the Judges of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice who, get to be judges after serving their apprenticeships of Fabricating evidence for Ontario's largest Criminal Organization, the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

Ottawa is riddled with the worst examples of those with a propensity to commit crimes against humanity, against the fundamental principles of justice and not a single politician is willing to step up to the plate to deal with Judges who habitually abuse their powers to enforce Ontario's Fascist Program of Gender Superiority.

This Orgy of spending costs directly Billions of Dollars in CAS funding, secret court funding, Police funding most of which in Ontario is spent promoting Violence against fathers and abuse of Children.

In Ottawa a Det. Peter Van Der Zander exemplifies the Ottawa Police promotion of violence by women towards fathers by personally Fabricating Evidence NOT to charge violent women. Its' a very effective encouragement to women to go home and assault the fathers of their children again, or move on to yet another male partner and attempt to kill him or assault him, or ensure that yet another father never sees their children again.

As the Government of Ontario ensures that the CAS are unaccountable, the install puppet Judges who Rubber Stamp such decisions contrary to all the evidence.

Ottawa is riddled with the lowest forms of life called Judges who  promote Abuse of Fathers and children simply because they are sociopaths, borderline but charismatic personalities  drunk on power who get a sadistic delight into abusing Fathers and children.

It's enough to make you want to puke when hear the title His Honnour or Her Honour.

There is a lot of "Dishonour" in the Ontario Judiciary because they are selected and recruited for their capacity to make Fascist Political  decisions that have resulted in 99% of custody decisions being given to women, regardless of incredible records of violence towards children and partners.

They are also primarily selected by Our Fascist Government, because they have proven themselves loyal Followers of the Fascist Cult that promotes hatred and violence towards fathers.

Check out the movie "Powerful as God" at www.Blakout.ca

Ottawa Mens Centre