Canada honours its war veterans on Remembrance Day

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The Oct. 22 death of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, and the killing of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in Quebec two days earlier, have brought renewed attention on this year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, which mark 100 years since hostilities were declared in the First World War



Headstones in a section dedicated to Canadian war veterans at Mountain View and St. Patrick's Cemeteries in Thunder Bay, Ont. on Nov. 11, 2014
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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Canadian War Dead would roll over in the graves and vomit if they knew that we now have a Fasscisst government in the Province of Ontario that has a lot in common with the ww2 German Government party policies.

Ontario has a Gender Superiority and Gender Cleansing program of such proportions that it has Corrupt Society.

Ontario Extreme Feminist corrupt Judges like Jennifer Belishen make Rubber Stamp Corrupt Decisions that Promote Domestic Violence towards fathers and protect the worst criminals in society.

Ontario Judges have been increasingly selected not upon any mental health or personalty screening but their prospect of being psychopaths to enforce Male Sharia Law.

Ottawa Judges support Lawyers who fabricate evidence in the most blatant fashion.

Take Robie Stewart Loomer, who commits perjury on his own affidavits and who knowingly makes false allegations fathers are pedophiles to have children removed from full time fathers and placed with the most violent of females.

Take Marguerite Isobel Lewis, perhaps Canada's worst Child Abuser and unconvicted Criminal. You see this extreme psychopath Personally Fabricates Evidence in the Court room to NOT return children to Fathers and who acts in Contempt of court in such a brazen fashion, that can only be accomplished with the Full Blessing of the Judges of Ottawa.

Every Canadian Citizen needs to be warned. The Judges of the Ottawa Superior Court are as a group, psychopaths and CORRUPT.

These sometimes personable and charismatic personalities, abuse absolute Power to enforce "Male Sharia Law" that means there is NO purpose in attending court or being involved in Family Litigation when the outcome is pre-determined on the basis of Gender and of course, support the Criminals of Ottawa employed at the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police.

Our Judicial Selection Program is CORRUPT. It chooses the Worst of the Worst, the most likely psychopaths who are most likely to abuse their absolute power.

Absolute Power corrupts absolutely and its the likes of Jennifer Belishen, Linhares DeSousa who rubber Stamp anything the Child Abuser Society asks for.

It has got so bad that Judges like Jennifer Belishen refuse to allow Vile Scum like
Marguerite Isobel Lewis to be examined as witnesses when, they are NOTORIOUS for fabricating evidence.

It boggles the brain that anyone could knowingly abuse children but that's what you get with a Lawyer who represents a Criminal Organization like the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

Our war dead would roll over in their graves if they Knew Canada turned into a FASSCCIST Country where 50% of the population are considered to be criminals and unfit parents simply because they were born with testicles.

Canada is now a Country that Promotes Hatred towards the Male Gender.

Ontario spends Billions of Dollars on Promoting violence and abuse towards fathers and, worst of all, abusing children by removing their fathers.

"Powerful as god"