Canada helps New Zealand land Security Council seat

Kim Mackrael

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Canada played a helpful role during New Zealand’s campaign for a seat at the United Nations Security Council, New Zealand’s high commissioner says.

New Zealand was elected Thursday to one of five temporary seats that will become available in January, 2015. Malaysia, Venezuela and Angola won uncontested elections for their regions, while Spain and New Zealand defeated Turkey to take the two remaining spots.


Simon Tucker, New Zealand’s High Commissioner to Canada, said Thursday that his country is “delighted” to have the chance to join the Security Council after a multiyear campaign for a seat.

Speaking by phone after the election results were made public, he said Canada was among the countries that helped in the campaign, adding, “We sought advice from Canada and received it.”

New Zealand promised during its campaign to help give less influential countries a stronger voice at the Security Council table.

Other priorities include working more closely with regional organizations and countries that contribute peacekeeping troops to UN missions, and taking a more proactive role in addressing conflicts through mediation and early warning systems, Mr. Tucker said.

Asked about Canada’s help during the campaign, Mr. Tucker said the two countries are close allies with a history of working together at the UN and in other international organizations. A long-running, informal agreement often sees the Canada and New Zealand working alongside Australia.

“So when one of us sticks our hands up and says we want to campaign to serve on the UN’s top body, then the other one is likely to say, ‘Well, how can I help?’” Mr. Tucker said. “And I think that was the case here.”

As a country with a larger foreign-policy network, Canada was in a position to provide information about regions of the world New Zealand was less familiar with, he added. “Often, advice from friends about the best way to conduct yourself is a very welcome thing, and that’s the sort of relationship we have with Canada.”

The 193-member UN General Assembly elected Venezuela (181 votes); Malaysia (187 votes); Angola (190 votes); and New Zealand (145 votes). Runoffs were held between Spain and Turkey for the fifth spot, and Spain eventually won 132-60 in the third round.

Venezuela’s election was criticized by the United States and some human-rights groups, who said they worried about the government’s record. A statement from Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Venezuela’s conduct at the international body and its human-rights record at home were counter to the spirit and the letter of the UN Charter.

A spokeswoman for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development would not say whether Canada shares those concerns. “Canada expects all members of the Security Council to work constructively and responsibly to address the great challenges facing global peace and security,” Claude Rochon wrote in an e-mail.

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