John Ivison: Tories drain spending pool so NDP, Liberals will have to raise taxes to fund platforms




Fall fiscal update forecasts lower surplus — $31.2 billion over six years

The Harper Conservatives have already rolled out their pre-election giveaway strategy – the $26.7-billion family tax and benefit package.

Joe Oliver went one step further Wednesday and gave us a glimpse of the likely campaign slogan: “Now is not the time for risky experiments.”

Justin Trudeau – does he mean you? Yes, he surely does.

The finance minister revealed the fall fiscal update in Toronto Wednesday – long gone is the quaint old tradition of first informing the House of Commons. These days, it’s a quick stop at the Canadian Club during a parliamentary break-week, while the Prime Minister is overseas.


Mr. Trudeau loomed large in Mr. Oliver’s speech – though curiously NDP leader, Tom Mulcair didn’t merit a mention.

The minister plunged into a sea of mixed metaphors – “the global economy remains fragile”; “we need to stay the course”; “we aren’t out of hot water yet” – and headed for his favoured destination – the desiccation of the Liberal leader – with the determination of a Great Lakes swimmer.

“Justin Trudeau has already announced he would repeal some of our family tax cuts and may repeal the others. Taking money out of the pockets of middle class and lower income Canadians does not seem like a winning platform to me,” he said. “We simply can’t afford a return to a mindset that assumes governments can tax and spend as they please, without economic consequences.”

To ensure both the Liberals and NDP will have to roll back their tax measures, the Conservatives had some fun with numbers in the latest update.


By re-introducing a $3-billion contingency “rainy day” fund in each year, they reduced the combined anticipated surplus for the next six years to $31.2-billion – $26.7-billion of which they have already spent. The current year is forecast to be a modest deficit of $2.9-billion but that is only because the government has penciled in $3-billion of new spending on the family tax package.

After that bonanza, there’s not much left in the cupboard for other pre-election giveaways – or for the opposition to spend.

The update stated that if the $18-billion allocated for contingencies over the next six years is not spent, it will be used to retire federal debt. (The government expects to reduce the federal debt-GDP level to 25% by 2021 from the present 32.3%).

It should be said that fiscal forecasting is the foremost of the inexact sciences – the Finance department said that revenues came in a full $6.2-billion higher last year for reasons it didn’t expand upon.


Finance also said it has adjusted government revenue figures going forward downward by $13-billion over six years to reflect a $70 a barrel Canadian oil price. This should be taken with large buckets of salt – no-one knows if oil prices will rise or fall.

But it’s clear the Tories have deliberately drained the spending pool, so that, one way or another, the opposition parties will have to raise taxes to fund their own priorities.

It seems to be as much luck as judgment that has enabled Stephen Harper to reverse the momentum that Mr. Trudeau enjoyed through the summer and early fall – a new Nanos poll on “preferred prime minister” has Mr. Harper ahead for the first time in four months.

In recent weeks, events have re-shaped the domestic political scene – the mission in Iraq and perhaps the shooting in Ottawa have caused some Canadians to re-evaluate what they want in a prime minister.


On the economic front, while the oil price has tumbled, the growing U.S. economy and the lower Canadian dollar appear to have cushioned the blow. The economy created 43,100 jobs in October, following a significant gain in September, with most of those jobs being full-time and in the private sector.

That’s it for the Conservatives. Their plan is now public, save what they may be able to squeeze from a spring budget.

The NDP has also gone public early with the centre-piece of its platform – the $5-billion national daycare plan.

Yet the Liberals have resisted the urge to join the fun by making detailed policy pronouncements. The plan is to keep specific ideas under wraps until nearer the election, although Mr. Trudeau has been making vague promises to dramatically ramp up federal spending on public infrastructure projects like subways, highways and bridges in his recent speeches.

Some Liberals are already muttering that Mr. Trudeau has blown his chance. Their fear is that Stephen Harper has done it again – and that the Big Mo is with the Tories again.

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