Toronto Police Chief Blair attempts to hold the line on costs

Ann Hui

The Globe and Mail



Members of Toronto’s police board say they’re optimistic about Chief Bill Blair’s proposed zero budget increase for 2015 – but wary because the most critical piece of the budget is yet to be determined.

The board met Thursday, where they approved an operating budget request from Chief Blair of $957.7-million, a zero per-cent increase over 2014. The request comes after years of tension between the board and the chief over costs, and marks the first time in his nine years as head of the force that the chief has not asked for at least a slight increase.



The request does not, however, take into account coming contract negotiations between the police union and the board before the contract expires at the end of the year – a major factor, as wages and benefits make up 90 per cent of the budget. Under the current agreement, employees have received around 2-per-cent and 3-per-cent wage hikes each year for the past four years.

“I think we have an absolute obligation to deliver policing services in the most efficient, effective and economical way possible,” Chief Blair said Thursday. He ends his term next year, after the board decided against renewing his contract – partly because of budget tensions.

Chief Blair also dismissed a report that his proposal to reduce the “established strength” – or maximum number of employees – might actually result in an increase of officers. Currently, there are about 5,275 officers in the force, although it is allowed to employ up to 5,505. By proposing the maximum instead be 5,462, Chief Blair said his intent is not to hire additional officers, but to remain at around 5,275.

“This budget is a status-quo budget,” he said.

At least two members of the seven-person board said the proposal is a step in the right direction.

“Maybe the work we’ve been doing for the past four years is finally starting to seep through,” Councillor Michael Thompson said. “But I suspect there’s an opportunity to drill in a little bit further.”

“I’m optimistic,” said Councillor Mike Del Grande. “This time around I think there’s the self-realization that things have been looked at a lot closer.”

But both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Del Grande acknowledged that Thursday’s decision is only one part of what will likely be a long process.

Mr. Del Grande described the current wage hikes as “unsustainable,” but said the problem would probably continue “because they have very strong unions and nobody wants to take on the police.”

Even after contract negotiations are completed, the budget will still have to go to the budget committee, and eventually, council.

“There’s no way that it’s a real zero,” said Mr. Thompson. “It has to be zero-plus.”

Meanwhile, mayor-elect John Tory, who met with Chief Blair on Wednesday, called the proposal promising.

“It’s a good start,” he said Thursday. “But we’re nowhere near finished with this process.”

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Did Chief Blair pay the Globe and Mail for this advertizing? Is Blair going to be promoted to an assistant to a Conservative Prime Minister?

Chief Blair should however come to Ottawa and advise the Chief of the Ottawa Police that they have a problem with officers like Det. Peter Van Der Zander who fabricates evidence NOT to charge violent women and who single handedly makes custody decisions to remove children from Male victims of domestic violence and give them to violent women.

Chief Blair might check that Van Der Zander has his firearm with him when he starts his shift and is left alone to contemplate his incredible crimes of torture and abuse of victims of abuse.

Alternatively Chief Blair might invite Det. Peter Van Der Zander to Toronto, preferably to the top of the CN tower and invite him to try some base jumping without a parachute.

Then again Chief Blair might not want to meet a Fabricator of Evidence from the Criminal Corporation called the Ottawa Police.

Ottawa Mens Centre



The Greatest Threat to Canadian National Security comes from the Absolute Power granted in Canada that is Abused Absolutely.

The fact is there is NO accountability in Canada for those in Power who operate Canada as their own Caliphate of Extreme Feminism absent any Rule of Law.

Take the Ottawa Police, this is an unaccountable Criminal Organization that fails to charge Criminals, when they happen to be extremely violent females while prosecuting most if not all male victims of domestic violence.

When the worst examples of Criminality of the Ottawa Police commit Criminal offences, they are rewarded with promotions.

The OPIRD and the Judiciary do anything and everything to encourage such crimes.

The OPIRD and the Judiciary are carefully selected by our Corrupt Lawless Government of Ontario to encourage lawlessness and criminality by the Police.

The Police Chiefs we see operate more as publicity experts to provide a Clean Veneer for the widespread criminality that lies beneath that veneer.

In Ottawa the Police Fabricate Evidence with impunity, immunity as long as it confirms with the Fassccist goals of the Ontario Goals of Gender Cleansing and the complete absence of legal rights for Fathers who are regarded as criminals, child abusers etc simply because they are born male.

In Ottawa Detective Peter Van Der Zander Fabricates evidence NOT to charge violent women who have a habit of strangulation, and habitual assaults on their own children and partners. This lowest form of life removes children from fathers and places them with violent mothers and then Fabricates his own evidence to justify his crimes.

In Ottawa his superiors Staff Sgt. Isobel Granger and the Gutless Norm Friel, of the price is right fame, turn a blind eye when faced with the fact that this Police "officer" Fabricates EVidence to abuse Victims of abuse, because the perpertrator is female.

In Ottawa, the Chief of Police, Professional Standards, dont give a rat's behind when one their own brings disgrace to every police officer in the country.

In Ottawa the Judiciary provide blatant support for the Criminals of Ottawa who happen to hold the Rank of Constable or above in the Ottawa Police.

There a string of Corrupt Judges in Ottawa who have blatantly supported Fabrication of Evidence by Police officers to ensure false convictions and to engage in Crimes against Humanity.

The Greatest Danger to National security is the Lack of Accountability of those with absolute Power especially our Judiciary.

The Judiciary have a veneer charade of accountability that does not exist. The hatred and contempt that they have for society is palpable.

Virtually any and all complaints regarding Criminal offenses by Judges are not just ignored, they are buried.

Ottawa Mens Centre



Police across Ontario engage in a host of Corrupt Lawless practices that have come from a Radical approach to policing that relies in Police being granted Absolute Power that is abused Absolutely by the worst SHPOS called Judges of the Ontario Court of Justice, who turn blind eyes to Rampant Fabrication of Evidence and or Failure of Police to provide disclosure that makes a complete mockery of "Stincombe".

Ontario Police, including specifically the Ottawa Police, engage in Fabrication of Evidence, and prosecution of anyone who dares to criticise them.

It's now not uncommon for Police to Charge Male Victims of Domestic Violence with Perjury for daring to report Female Domestic Violence , or at least keep them incarcerated to remove from them permanently and child in their care, permanently by fabricating evidence that is later used against male victims of domestic violence.

While we have unaccountable Criminals from our Judiciary to police officers and worst of all, Child Protection Workers, Canada will continue to promote the radicalization of any and all people who are offended by the scum of society who abuse absolute Power to abuse children and in particular the escalating problem of domestic violence by Females towards children and fathers.

Ottawa Mens Centre