Osler and Blakes top Legal Post’s Q3 corporate finance League Tables




A surprisingly robust third quarter was a pleasant surprise for corporate finance lawyers, according to Financial Post data.

Canadian law firms advised issuers on 124 debt and equity financings valued at a total of $36.81-billion during the third quarter ended Sept. 30, 2014. That’s down from the second quarter, when firms advised on 154 deals worth a combined $41.88-billion for issuers. But it’s up from last year’s third quarter, when firms worked on 97 deals worth a combined $34.64-billion.

Osler, Hoskin Harcourt LLP and Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP topped our league table of Canadian legal advisors to issuers on combined debt and equity deals. Osler ranked first in terms of deal value, having worked on 12 deals worth a combined $7.15-billion. Blakes came first in terms of deal flow, working on 13 matters.

Things usually slow down for the summer, then pick up in September. Not so this year, said Eric Moncik, a partner with Blakes in Toronto.

“Typically the third quarter is the slowest quarter of the year, yet we saw a high level of activity in both debt and equity markets,” Mr. Moncik said. “We were busy in all three months. The stable of issuer clients we have were active, particularly in the equity market.”

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Following Osler, the top five for deal value includes second place Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP ($6.93-billion); McCarthy Tétrault LLP ($5.79-billion); Torys LLP ($4.43-billion); and Blakes ($3.84-billion). In terms of deal flow, the five busiest firms for advising debt and equity issuers after Blakes were Osler and McCarthy (12 deals each), Norton Rose Fulbright (11) and Torys (8).

McCarthy topped both our deal value and deal flow rankings for Canadian legal counsel to underwriters on both equity and debt offerings. The firm advised on 18 deals worth a total $6.92-billion.

Stikeman Elliott LLP was second both by deal value and deal flow, with 17 deals valued at $4.61-billion. Rounding out the top five by deal value were Calgary-based Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP ($3.71-billion), Blakes ($2.85-billon) and Osler ($2.49-billion). Blakes ranked third by deal flow (11 deals), followed by Osler (nine) and Dentons Canada LLP (eight).

The third quarter was a continuation of a good year, said Andrew Parker, a partner with McCarthy in Toronto. Debt markets were strong in the first and second quarter. They remained strong in the third quarter, while the equity market picked up just before the market volatility kicked in, Mr. Parker said.

“It’s a completely different story now,” Mr. Parker said. “The start of the fourth quarter has been very quiet. I’d anticipate equity is going to be a challenge for people.”

Blakes ranked first both in terms of deal value and deal flow for advising issuers on equity deals. The firm worked on 12 deals worth a combined $3.59-billion.

Osler ranked first by deal value and second for deal flow in advising issuers on debt deals. The firm worked on five deals worth a combined $6.04-billion. Norton Rose Fulbright was tops for deal flow and second in terms of deal value, working on six deals worth $5.59-billion.

McCarthy ranked first in terms of both deal value and deal flow for advising underwriters on equity deals. The firm worked on 15 deals worth a combined $3.85-billion.

McCarthy ranked first for deal value and second for deal flow in advising underwriters on debt deals. The firm worked on three deals worth a combined $3.07-billion. Stikeman was first in terms of deal flow and second for deal value, advising on five deals worth a combined $2.61-billion.

The biggest equity deal of the quarter was the massive $2.56-billion IPO for PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. Blakes advised the issuer and BDP advised the underwriter.

Norton Rose Fulbright was Canadian advisor on the biggest debt deal of the quarter, a $1.92-billion bond offering for Royal Bank of Canada. McCarthy was Canadian advisor to the underwriter.



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