Toula Drimonis: Speech should be free — even for this creep




I may be a staunch feminist. But I simply don’t believe in censorship as a solution.

Education, not censorship, is the answer to men like Julien Blanc.

By now, many readers probably have heard of the professional U.S. pick-up artist and self-proclaimed “PhD in female attraction.” He’s created quite a commotion on Twitter, raising the ire of thousands around the world with his sleazy seminars on how to seduce women.


Billed as a “dating coach” by his U.S. employer, Real Social Dynamics, Blanc travels the world giving pick-up artistry seminars on how to lie, manipulate and con your way into a woman’s heart and bed.

Blanc also has posted videos of him promoting sexual harassment and forced sexual aggression on women (e.g., pushing them towards his crotch), choke-holding them and using the hashtag “#ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld.”

As a result, he was recently kicked out of Australia after the immigration minister cancelled his visa. Japan currently has an online petition to prevent him from re-entering the country, and a few similar petitions are picking up steam here in Canada. A Twitter hashtag, #TakeDownJulienBlanc, has been shared widely since it was launched by Washington, D.C.-based activist Jenn Li.

Canadian Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has acknowledged the petition on Twitter and called Blanc’s seminars “completely counter to Canadian values and common decency,” indicating that the government may indeed take measures to prevent him from giving his seminars in Canada.

A number of opinion pieces have been written, urging the Canadian government to ban a blatantly misogynistic man who’s attempting to normalize sexual violence against women. And I can understand the desire to censor what Blanc has to say by turning him back at the border. There is nothing I support about his message. Except his right to share it.

Here’s the deal: You can’t support free speech selectively. The purpose of this right is not to protect popular speech (which doesn’t need protecting anyway) but to protect speech that is unpopular, perceived as “wrong,” possibly offensive or even hurtful.

My right to express myself entails my right to offend you. Even as a staunch feminist, I simply don’t believe in censorship as a solution.

If we are to make any headway in the fight for equality, we instead need to look at the root causes of such phenomena, and chip away at everything that allows men like Julien Blanc to find a market for their “expertise.”

What should most worry us here is not one professional creep giving the seminars, but the many men so misguided, so incapable of seeing women as deserving-of-respect human beings, and so terribly misinformed about basic human relationships, that they are willing to spend upwards of $3,000 to listen to the drivel of a guy who teaches us that shoving your crotch in a woman’s face is going to make her fall madly in love with you.

It’s not by banning this sort of expression that we eradicate the underlying attitude. Such material deserves the full, unflinching glare of sunlight, whereby it can be methodically refuted and destroyed.

Men such as Julien Blanc exist because they cater to a real market: men who still believe that degrading and manipulating a woman will get them what they want. Perhaps these men represent the last, dying embers of a pathetic breed. But they exist, and they’re around us, whispering the sweetest of feminist words as a cover for their predations. The Jian Ghomeshi revelations are instructive here. These men hide in plain sight, and they treat women as trophies.

Preventing Julien Blanc from entering the country and speaking his mind won’t prevent the sexism and misogyny that women experience on a daily basis. The trick is to let them speak and show their colours, to let the misguided ones spend their money on dubious tricks of seduction. And then to humiliate them and discredit them. Publicly and mercilessly.

It is now unclear as to whether Blanc will actually follow through with his scheduled speaking gigs in Canada. Personally, I would welcome the opportunity to be there to loudly and vocally denounce him for the offensive buffoon that he is.

National Post

Toula Drimonis is a Montreal-based writer and editor.




Gender Based Violence is a symptom of underlying personality disorders and or mental health problems that are exacerbated by those with low personal esteem and who generally grew up in a home deprived of love and affection.

Children who grow up with an appropriate role model for parents of both gender grow up to be confident people with self respect, pride and and a sense of what is right and wrong.

Those who grow up deprived of love and affection are most likely to end up charged with a crime of violence.

Highly intelligent people charismatic personable people, can be consummate actors, and can be psychopaths who have an a ability to be violent and abusive at extraordinary levels but by getting someone else to do the actual physical violence.

You don't need to be Physically violent to engage in torture or physically violence personally, you simply encourage the psychopaths to do it for you, its just like Hiring a Hit man or a hiring a thug to beat someone up.

In Ontario, the Thugs who promote Violence against FATHERs are the Police , the Children's Aid Societies and worst of all, the Thugs of the Judiciary of the Superior Court of Ontario who blatantly promote Gender Violence towards "Fathers" that is perhaps the dirtiest work in Ontario Courts and part of the Ontario Government's policy of Promoting Domestic Violence towards societies most vulnerable, full time fathers.

Ontario Judges are selected from those who have the worst personality disorders, the lowest self esteem, and those most likely to encourage others to be violent. Its why in Ontario, our Judiciary exclusively removes children from Male Victims of Domestic Violence. There is NO personality screening for the Judiciary, that might just exclude too many of them and upset the Government's Role in applying Extreme Feminist Male Sharia Law.

Justice Tim Minemma is a typical Ontario Superior Judge, he got his training in Fabrication of Evidence like most Judges in Ontario, as a lawyer for the Ontario's unaccountable Billion Dollar Cartel that actively promotes violence towards fathers. He was then automatically "anointed" a judge, to ensure, yet another Rubber Stamp for extreme feminism and the Ontario Gestapo, The Children's Aid Societies who provide unlimited Legal services for Violent Mothers to remove children from Male Victims of Female violence simply because in Ontario, its Government Policy.

Justice Tim Minemma removes children from fathers, at Kangaroo Court Hearings where only uncorroborated unsupported allegations are used. He then Fabricates history, fabricates Evidence in order to justify removing children from male victims of domestic violence.

Justice Tim Minemma is a typical cold blooded psychopath with an ability to engage in cruelty that does not involve any personal physical violence. The Ontario Superior Court Judiciary attracts and hires the worst psychopaths to be judges where they spend their entire careers engaged in absolute cruelty of male victims of domestic violence.

The most violent dangerous people in society are not necessarily personally violent, they simply encourage others to do it.

Ottawa Mens Centre







Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Anyone who promotes gender violence should not be admitted to Canada or any other country.

Every Immigration Department from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and especially Russia, should take steps to prevent the entry to their countries of those who promote Gender Violence.

Here is a list of names.
Detective Peter Van Der Zander of the Ottawa Police. This low life Fabricates evidence NOT to charge the most violent of female offenders and then incarcerates male victim of domestic violence and Fabricates evidence to ensure that male victims of domestic violence never see their children again. It's part of the Ottawa Police Policy.

The Chief of the Ottawa Police, Staff Sgt. Isobel Granger and Sgt. Norm Friel who actively promote violence against children and Fathers by failing to deal with low life scum officers who fabricate evidence AGAINST male victims of domestic violence.

Marguerite Lewis aka Marguerite Isobel Lewis, a lawyer for "The Gestapo", thats the name Ottawa Lawyers use to describe "The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa". This organization operates by promoting Domestic Violence towards children and Fathers as long as the perpetrator is Female. The CAS of Ontario cost taxpayers Billions of Dollars for their entirely unaccountable Fassicst Program of Promoting violence towards fathers. The provide violent Mothers with Unlimited Free Legal Services which include a guarantee of a Judicial Rubber Stamp from one of their own private judges in a private court.

Justice Jennifer Belishen is a promoter of violence by women towards Fathers. She will terminate children's relationships with Fathers because they are Male Victims of Domestic Violence and it does not matter what kind of evidence is presented.

In one recent case, the mother was charged with repeatedly threatening to kill the father and just on one day, assaulting him some 55 times. According to Father Hating Ontario Superior Court Judge Jennifer Belishen, thats grounds to make sure the children never see the only parent that protected the children from violence.

Justice Jennifer Belishen used to work for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa and then spent the next 23 years Rubber Stamping any order that removed children from Male victims of domestic violence. If anyone should be prevented from entering another Jurisdiction it's the Insult to Justice Jennifer Belishen.

Canada has a Dr. Mengal of the Child Protection Business, a Dr. David Alexander McLean, this psychopath Fabricates Evidence to remove children from Fathers and place them in the hands of psychopath mothers with incredible documented evidence of violence towards children and partners.  

Dr. Alexander Mclean is supposedly a "court's expert witness" and our corrupt Judiciary, former CAS lawyers, refuse to acknowledge any other expert evidence no matter how incontrovertible if it contradicts the "hired pen" of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

Dr. David Alexander McLean is a professional Child Abuser, a professional Fabricator Evidence and should not be admitted to any country especially the United States where unconvicted Criminals of crimes of moral turpitude are deniend entry.

Canada is a society that promotes Domestic Violence against Fathers and increasingly Extreme Feminists advocate Murder and claim to be victims.

There is virtually no point in any male victim of domestic violence going to Police in Canada, he will be arrested and he will never see his children again all in the name of Canada's Promotion of Domestic Violence as long as the perpetrator is female.

There is no point in any male victim going to any Ontario Superior Court which is riddled with Extreme Feminist Former CAS lawyers who apply the Ontario Government's policy of Gender Cleansing that relies upon Promoting Domestic Violence against Fathers.

Ottawa Mens Centre.



When it comes to Choking, readers will choke on this story.

On July 1, 2012 a father in Ottawa called the Ottawa Police after his wife, attempted to strangle him to death. The police found him with blood around his throat and extensive bruising.

Two Ottawa Police Officers who attended Fabricated evidence to arrest the male victim of "Choking" and one of them stopped on the way to the Police Station in the Usual Ottawa Police Stunt to take in the Male Victim last so SHE can be released and driven home in a professional Feminist victim "support person" that don't talk to male victims of domestic violence.

Ottawa Police Detective Peter Van Der Zander after reading and speaking with the officers and knowing that the female attempted to strangle the father, Fabricated his records to NOT charge her.

You see, he claimed that "She denied attempting to choke him" when in fact, he never asked her the question.

This is typical of not just the Ottawa Police but police forces across Canada where it is politically correct to encourage women to assault fathers for the purpose of gaining an instant order for custody of the children and if he dares to claim, that a mother was violent, the entire Judiciary will come to the rescue and like the Judges of 161 Elgin Street Ottawa, Personally Fabricate Evidence to ensure Male Victims of Domestic Violence never ever see their children again.

 Julien Blanc is a creep, he is an insult to everyone who dislikes Gender Violence however, the Reality is our Police, Our Judges, our child protection workers,  and even the Supreme Court of Canada actively promote murder and violence or even hiring a hit man as long as the Victim is male.

Ottawa Mens Centre