Franck Gervais, alleged soldier imposter, arrested and charged in Ottawa


November 16, 2014


A Quebec man accused of impersonating a soldier at a Remembrance Day ceremony this week has been arrested and faces four charges.

Ottawa police said in a news release Saturday evening that Franck Gervais of Cantley, Que., appeared at a police station earlier that day. He was arrested, charged and released. Gervais, 32, is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 9.

Gervais faces two counts of personating a public officer and two counts of the unlawful use of military uniforms.


Impersonating a Canadian Armed Forces member, including wearing the uniform or medals associated with the Forces, is against the law.

He had allegedly presented himself as a sergeant of the Canadian Armed Forces in a televised interview with the CBC during a ceremony at the National War Memorial on Tuesday. According to the CBC, a number of soldiers and veterans soon called to question his status as a soldier.

A veteran told Torstar News Service Gervais had made numerous errors in wearing his uniform and also kept a beard, which soldiers are not normally allowed to do.

Gervais has since been suspended with pay by his employer, Potvin Construction, an Ottawa-area construction company with whom he has worked for 12 years.

Martin Savard, Potvin’s general manager, said on Friday it was “quite a shock” to learn of the allegations and the company is turning to legal and public relations experts to help manage the situation.

Police said investigations are still ongoing.



The CBC reports it interviewed a man who pretended to be a decorated military sergeant at a Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


The Ottawa Police are a corrupt criminal organization putting on a Facade with this trivial prosecution when they far more very serious Criminals working at the Ottawa Police.

Take Detective Peter Van Der Zander, this low life creep of a rotten cop, FABRICATES EVIDENCE to NOT CHARGE Violent Women.

Van Der Zander's Fabrication of Evidence is not just an offence against the Administration of Justice by Child Abuse.

You see, Rotten Cop Detective Peter Van Der Zander Fabricated evidence to, remove children from the care of a full time father, because "Fathers" are a dirty word in the Ottawa Police, it means abuser and criminal because a parent is born with testicles.

In the Fasscist Minds of the Ottawa Police, women are victims and men are violent thugs who abuse women. The possibility of women abusing men, is not politically correct.

The Ottawa Police run a racket, at a $300 Million Dollar cost of promoting Violence against Fathers. They have a Victim Kicking Unit, where they take turns with the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa in torturing Male Victims of Domestic Violence.

The Ottawa Police Support Child Abuse, and turn deliberate Blind eyes when it comes to prosecuting Females abusing Children.

The Ottawa Police Encourage the Master Race of Ottawa, the Children's Aid Society to Fabricate Evidence and commit Perjury, as long as its to torture a father and children if the children were with a father.

The Ottawa Police are a true Fascist Criminal Organization that promotes terrorism by Police towards Male Victims of Domestic Violence by making it very clear, if you are a male Victim of domestic violence and call the Ottawa Police, you will have your children taken away from you.

More to come about the Corrupt Ottawa Police.

Ottawa Mens Centre





The Ottawa Police Promote the most serious of criminal offences, by their friends, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

When Sgt. John Gibbons reviewed the statements of CAS lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis in transcripts of a motion before Justice Minnema of September 27, 2012, he was outraged "It's Perjury, she lied to the Judge".

While Sgt. Gibbons might have been outraged, no one else in Ottawa was. Not Justice Tim Minemma, like many Superior Court Judges, he previously worked for Ontario's Billion Dollar Unaccountable Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Society where its absolutely normal to Fabricate Evidence and habitually commit serious criminal offences against children and the administration of justice and of course, have their "own judges" Rubber Stamp their dirty deeds which is why, Marguerite Isobel Lewis knew she could fabricate evidence in front of this judge and - "get away with it".

One Phone call from another Corrupt CAS Lawyer Tracey Engleking, ended that investigation by Sgt. John Gibbons. According to Gibbons, if the judge didn't do anything about it then no offence was committed, besides, its the Judges responsibility to prosecute criminal offences ... blah blah blah and of course

Tracey Engleking another CAS lawyer, "Obstructs Justice" another very serious criminal offence by seeking and obtaining orders for custody without a hearing to determine Custody to cover up, equally criminal obstruction of Justice by Marguerite Isobel Lewis, Ottawa's "Baby Snatcher" a name she does not deserve, she does not need to physically "snatch babies" she simply Fabricates Evidence in court and or uses the Dr. Mengal of the psychiatric world to engage in torture, child abuse and offences against the administration of Justice.

Ottawa Police are a Criminal Organization that promote Crime, promote child abuse, promote Domestic Violence towards fathers and of course, promote offences against the administration of Justice. at a cost of Billions of dollars.

Who said real crime does not pay.

Ottawa Mens Centre







The Ottawa Police are effectively a Mafia of criminals running a Billion Dollar Crime empire by promoting crime, offences against children, offences against the administration of Justice and when a flea brain wears a uniform he is not legally entitled to, the Ottawa Police charge him simply because it was the Politically Correct thing to do.


Even real criminals are careful not to cross the lines of the Politically Incorrect Crimes according to their own code.


The Ottawa Police have their own Code of Criminality.


It goes like this. First, you seek and obtain all the information you can about almost everyone in Ottawa and reward officers with promotions if they contribute to that data bank, filled with fabrications, exaggerations, complete falsehoods, and comments by anyone that might dislike or like you depending upon your "relationships".


The Ottawa Police encourage Crimes such as Gender Correct Arrests. That means, that Ottawa Police have a quota, 90% to be precise, of those arrested for domestic violence have to be Male.


To reach that goal, they must Fabricate Evidence against Full Time Fathers.


Why Full Time Fathers? Well, Fathers is a dirty word in the Ottawa Police, it means you are an automatic abuser, if a "father" has the audacity to call the police because a violent mother tried to strangle him to death, then when the Ottawa Police find him bleeding and bruised, all the officers involved with Fabricate Evidence to "justify" arresting the Father.


Full time fathers are also the cannon fodder, the raw product of the Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.


Between these two Criminal Organizations, the feed each other work, fabricating for each other and keeping each other busy by committing crimes against humanity, crimes against children, Torture, abuse of process, contempt of court, and when the publicity starts, intimidation.


You can expect to read a lot about this in the near future when the Ottawa Police go nuts further fabricating evidence to hid fabrication of evidence, malicious prosecutions and a host of other criminal offences committed by the Criminal Cartel, called The Ottawa Police.


Ottawa Mens Centre



Lets face it "Franck" has a few screws loose but at least, he does not engage in the Most Serious of Criminal Offences that you will find committed by the Ottawa Police on a daily basis.

Our criminal courts are overloaded, it takes years to complete very simple criminal trials, because the underbelly of the Police, lay Malicious Criminal Charges against those they don't like to cover up their own very serious criminal offences.

On July 1, 2012 three officers all fabricated evidence against one father in order to correct something they thought was wrong. He was a male victim of domestic violence, his wife tried to strangle him to death. The attending officers found him bleeding, bruised and at first were simply going to arrest her, photograph his injuries until a phone call occurred with Gestapo HQ aka Partner where later the third officer, A Detective Peter Van Der Zander decided to fabricate evidence NOT to charge "a mother" and to make decisions that by their fabrication, cost the province of Ontario Millions of dollars, and destroy several lives including the needless incarceration of a young child.

The Ottawa Police have a long history of "stunts", "old school" policing, that requires, arresting male victims of domestic violence to REMOVE children from their care and the classic stunt of the car transporting the father to "stop" on the way for no other reason than to ensure that the mother goes in first and that the father, well , he might get out the following day, after the Police get to conspire with their fellow friends in Crime, the Child Protection Workers of the corrupt Children's aid Society.

That's just one example of how Ottawa Police run a Criminal Organization.

Ottawa Mens Centre


Warrentless Searches


The Ottawa Police have a lot of influence and nudge nudge wink wink, when they need to do something illegal, than they have "the tools" to do it.


One of them is gaining entry to homes without a warrant, they have a variety of illegal tricks and just to name one, they can well "smell gas" and of course, the Fire Department arrive smash down the door, the fire crew rush in with the police behind as a grand excuse for yet another warrentless search.


The fact that there never was any GAS connected to the residence is of course entirely irrelevant.



But that's ok, NO ONE will ever question their integrity.


Ottawa Mens Centre





Why on earth would a Catholic School Principle Fabricate Evidence and or commit perjury on behalf of the Ottawa Police?

Recently, a Catholic School Board Principle, was asked by the Children's Aid Society, to assist a mother in terminating a child's relationship with his father, despite the fact that the Mother had repeatedly assaulted the children, attempted to murder the father and assault him literally hundreds of time.

The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa were outraged that a Father actually had the audacity to complain to the police of being a victim of domestic violence. That was a criminal offence of Heresy in their eyes deserving of Fabrication of Evidence, to make the facts look correct in their psychopathic minds which required and getting a Principle of a Catholic School in Ottawa to engage in criminal offences on their behalf.

First the Catholic Principle lodged a police complaint to assist the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa in ensuring that a child of a male victim of domestic violence never ever saw his father again.

This principle, whose name is not mentioned, then committed Perjury to hide the fact that he had in fact, lodged a false and misleading report with the Ottawa Police to "assist the CAS".

Across Ottawa both school boards generally refuse to allow teachers and principles to get involved in litigation between parents. The Children's Aid Society however believe that they have "the Power of God" and its perfectly OK for them to get School Principles / teachers, to Fabricate evidence and or commit criminal offences against the administration of Justice.

But that's ok, its the CAS

Welcome to the Billion Dollar Criminal Organizations called
The Ottawa Police
 and their partners in Crime,
The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

Ottawa Mens Centre




SGT Isobel Granger and Sgt. Norm Friel.


After a Detective Peter Van Der Zander, fabricated evidence to NOT charge one of Ottawa's most violent cases of domestic violence, he collaborated with his partners in crime, the Children's Aid Society, to remove children from the care of the Male victim of domestic violence and knowingly place the children at an obvious risk of harm.


Later, both Sgt. Isobel Granger and Sgt. Norm Friel supposedly investigated Peter Van Der Zander and gave him not just an OK, but promoted him, KNOWING he had engaged in Fabrication of Evidence and, Obstruction of Justice.


The Ottawa Police is like any Criminal Organization, it rewards Criminals and thrives on the business of leaving destroyed lives, undermining the Rule of Law and Terrorizing Society.


Welcome to the Billion Dollar Criminal Cartel

called "The Ottawa Police"



Ottawa Mens Centre





The prosecution of Franck Gervais will turn out to be a farce.

First, there are real concerns, obvious concerns that Franck, is a few screws loose, but with "honourable intentions".

Lots of people have delusions of grandeur, they put on a uniform such as that of a Police Officer or, get appointed a Child Protection Worker and believe, that they can do anything they want.

Franck, did not rip anyone off. Franck did not hurt anyone, and crime, requires some criminal motivation.  Franck very obviously, has a mental health problem or at least, a personality disorder and those problems, if they exist, are far less serious than what is found in the Ottawa Police and or the Corrupt Children's Aid Society.

Police Officers don't even need a uniform to believe they have the Power of God, to do illegal acts, because well, they have been given the Power of God by being made a Police officer right?

Det. Peter Van Der Zander is typical of not just delusions of grandeur, but a propensity to Fabricate Evidence, and Obstruct Justice, criminal offences that do and DID cause Millions of Dollars in damages, destroy lives including incarcerating a child unnecessarily.

If ever there was a Criminal who should be prosecuted for Criminal Intent, and harm to people , Torture and crimes against humanity, It's the Corrupt Evidence Fabricating Child abusing Det. Peter Van Der Zander.

Franck unlike Det. Peter Van Der Zander did not intend to hurt  anyone, he did not intend to remove a child from the care of a full time father, a male victim of domestic violence and place children in the care of one of the worst cases of domestic violence that occurs.

The Criminal Minds at the Ottawa Police, are that of typical Criminals, they "justify" their actions that increasingly become the symptoms of a Cult, a Criminal Culture of Crime that festers at an incredible cost to society.

Now, who was the looney toon Crown who said to charge Franck  the Crank, with all those offences and is the Ottawa Police going to charge the Evidence Fabricating Det. Peter Van Der Zander who while not having screws loose, has a propensity for terrorizing his victims.

Ottawa Mens Centre





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Ottawa Police jumped at the opportunity to score political brown nosing points by laying Politically Correct Criminal charges against one delusional immature personality who like dressing up in uniforms that he did not understand, and which did not fool anyone who really did wear a military uniform.

The problem with these charges is that there is no intent to defraud or cause any harm, and the reality is that the probability of a conviction is entirely remote, absent of course, this delusional Franck Gervais taking a guilty plea to make it all go away and you can bet that the Crown Attorney has already warned the Ottawa Police that they will be lucky if he chooses that route.

The fact is the Ottawa Police are a Corrupt Criminal Organization that spends 75% of its budget promoting Domestic Violence by women towards men.

A classic example of Political Correctness gone mad is the Fabrication of Evidence by a Det. Peter Van Der Zander to justify NOT charging a woman with any charge, when the attending police found him bleeding around the neck and with scratch marks consistent with an attempt to strangle.

You see, This Rotten Corrupt Child Abusing Det. Peter Van Der Zander, fabricated his report to read that

"she denied grabbing him by the hair or choking
him" however the Video of his "interview" with the mother showed that he never asked those questions.


The Ottawa Police repeatedly failed to provide court ordered disclosure and all the officers who met later in a conference all developed total amnesia and had no records or notes of that conference.


Why? Because the Ottawa Police promote Domestic Violence by women towards fathers by arresting, charging male victims of domestic violence and fabricating evidence NOT to charge violent women.


That criminal agenda of the Ottawa Police costs around $300 million dollars a year and every Ottawa Citizen is paying the price for our Political Police to make Politically motivated criminal charges, to abuse the Criminal Process and bring the administration of justice into ill-repute.


If you are a male parent, Ottawa is a dangerous place to raise children.


Ottawa Mens Centre