CIA chief challenges US Senate torture report


December 11, 2014



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

When it comes to professional Torturers and Criminal Abuse of Power, Canadians need to know the Story of Detective Peter Van Der Zander of the Ottawa Police.

This lowest form of life, Fabricates Evidence Against victims of domestic violence in order to NOT charge the perpetrator because she was Female.

His actions caused a four year child citizen of Australia and Russia to be incarcerated and abused in the Children's Guantanamo called The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa where an equally revolting corrupt Criminal, a lawyer for the CAS no less, who also personally fabricates evidence NOT to return a child to a male victim of extraordinary violence but to place the child with the violent mother who, the same Marguerite Lewis admitted had assaulted both children.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis was investigated by a Sgt. John Gibbons of the Ottawa Police who at first was outraged, "she lied to the judge, its perjury" he said. No Sgt. Gibbons, it was not Perjury, she was not under oath, lawyers can lie their heads off but they can't give evidence not under oath to fabricate evidence verbally and then obstruct justice.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis admits she fabricated evidence, and the Law Society refuses to investigate. As for that Ottawa Police investigation? Well he dropped the investigation after getting a call from another Criminal at the CAS, CAS Lawyer Tracey EngelKing who also obstructed justice in the same matter by asking for and receiving an Exparte Order for Custody  to place the child in the care of the extremely violent mother , without notice or a hearing.

Who was the Corrupt Judge?  Ontario Superior Court Judge Monique Metivier who promptly "retired" or resigned which is the excuse the Judicial Council used NOT to investigate Marguerite Isobel Lewis, Ontario's most successful Child Abuser and Criminal, who wait for it, is about to be appointed a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Ottawa Mens Centre