Frustration and fear on Penny Drive following recent shootings


Kristy Cameron @1310Kristy






Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Penny Drive is just one of many areas of subsidized housing intended for those who are disadvantaged. Its occupants are generally, present or former clients of Ottawa’s secret police called the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa.

Almost without exception, you will find that the majority of single mothers were driven by the demands of the CAS to separate from the fathers or their children and get involved with another father who typically was driven from his relationship with the mother of his children by the dreaded CAS of Ottawa.

The CAS of Ottawa act as a kind of Mother’s Aid Society, as long as it involves removing a father from involvement with children.

It breeds multiple generations of fatherless homes where the children grow up exposed and predisposed to involvement in a criminal life style and or involvement in drugs and gangs.

Regardless of Penny Lane, across Ottawa around 50% of all high school students are smoking pot, and around 10% of 15 year olds have used cocaine or Molly.

The Ottawa Police cost taxpayers around $400 Million Dollars a year and around 75% of that budget is spent on their “Partner Assault Group” which works with their partners in crime, the CAS who together effectively Promote Domestic Violence by women against men.

Its got so bad in Ottawa that any sane male parent knows that if he calls Police and reports domestic violence that HE will most probably be arrested.

When women are violent in Ottawa, they have the privledge of meeting the likes of Detective Peter Van Der Zander, who fabricates Evidence NOT to charge even women who attempt to murder the father of their children by strangulation.

It does not matter if a woman even admits being violent to children and or male partners, the Ottawa Police and the Kor.upt Ottawa Children’s Aid Society will endlessly fabricate evidence to remove from the children’s lives the parent who was the full time parent and if that parent was male, the children will probably never see their father again, and grow up in a fatherless home.

It’s that cycle of Criminal contempt for the Rule of Law by the Ottawa Police and the CAS that creates a revolving door of endless cases that occupy our criminal and CAS courts.

At the CAS secret courts, you will meet the likes of Marguerite Lewis, aka “The Baby-Snatcher” not that she deserves “that” nickname but she is famous for personally Fabricating Evidence to Keep children in care and abuse children. She is one of Ontario’s worst Child Abusers and unconvicted criminals.

She gets away with it because our Ontario Superior Court is riddled with Judges who were former lawyers for the CAS who like most criminals, have a code of silence and a criminal protection racket of protecting Criminals like Marguerite Lewis and her partner in crime, CAS lawyer Tracey Engelking.

The subsidized areas of Ottawa are like a feeding ground for the sharks of the CAS and Ottawa Police who justify ever increasing funding of Ontario’s Gender Superiority Program provide escalating Billions of dollars each year for Free Legal Assistance for Ontario’s most violent mothers.

For that we can thank our gutless politicians who protect these criminals in the Ottawa Police and the CAS by removing any and all accountability.

To solve the drug problem in Ottawa, first the Ottawa Police and the CAS will need to be disbanded and new strictly accountable organizations to replace them.

The Ottawa Police are at present riddled with “old school” professional criminals who are not going to change and the only solution is a complete rehire.

Ottawa Mens Centre