A lost tribe': Child welfare system accused of repeating residential school history





Homes on the Siksika Nation Reserve in Alberta on pictured in 2009. In 1973, the Siksika First Nation, east of Calgary, became the first band to kick provincial child protection workers off their territory and start their own agency.

Elders from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in north-western Ontario remember the bus that drove around their reserve picking up children and shuttling them to a waiting plane for a 345 kilometre flight north to Sandy Lake, a remote community with no outside road link, except for ice roads built on frozen lakes and rivers during the winter.

“When the planes landed at the dock, families there were told they could come down and pick out a kid,” said Theresa Stevens, executive director of Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services, the current child protection provider for Wabaseemoong.



Secretive, often overzealous care agencies protect children largely at parents’ expense


Such mass apprehension of children from troubled Wabaseemoong, including those flights in the 1970s, have been draining the reserve of its youth for decades, until, in 1990, the community had had enough.

A band council resolution was passed: the Children’s Aid Society was forbidden from entering the reserve.

“They stood at the reserve line on tractors with shotguns saying ‘You aren’t coming into our community and taking any more of our children,’ ” said Ms. Stevens.

The situation was desperate: a third of the reserve’s kids were in foster care; the dip in school-age children made teachers redundant.

“From that day forward they’ve assumed more and more control over their children,” said Ms. Stevens.

In that community near the Ontario-Manitoba border, known in English as Whitedog, standoffs and feuds preceded a new sense of stability. Ms. Steven’s agency has been handling child welfare since 2001, and doing it with the province’s approval since 2006.

“We went from having almost 300 children in care to where we are down to just slightly over 100 for that community. And that is huge,” she said.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


The greatest Danger to Canadian National Security is not the lone mentally deranged killers that suddenly comply with orders of ISIS but the Corr.upt Judiciary who engage in endless terrorism of children and fathers.
 The very worst child abusers are not in jail, they never get convicted, and look after the most corrupt of society, the underbelly of the legal profession who fabricate Evidence and obstruct justice as though watering the shoes.


The very worst child abusers are the Child Protection Workers, the CAS Lawyers and of course, the former CAS lawyers who are anointed as judges.


Every parent in Ottawa should get ready for another crazy decision to appoint one of the least suitable Criminals of the CAS as a judge of the Ontario Superior Court. She will be in the good company of a toxic group with similar personality disorders.

 Recently Ottawa CAS Lawyer Marguerite Lewis fabricated evidence, so flagrantly that a Sgt. John Gibbons upon reviewing the documentary evidence of transcripts and affidavits said "It's perjury, she lied to the Judge"  That investigation came to grinding stop with a phone call from CAS lawyer Tracey EngleKing.
 You see, recently Tracey Engleking went to Justice Monique Metivier and asked for an Exparte Order for Custody in favour of a mother who was just charged with threatening to kill the father and assaulting him some 55 times, those charges were laid after a six month investigation and approved by a Crown Attorney.
 Immediately after the charges were laid, the CAS conveniently had a Crown Attorney TARA DOBEC Stay the charges.
 That even pissed off Justice Paul Kane who said "If the genders were reversed, Charges would have been automatically laid and it would have automatically gone to trial.
 Our Judiciary includes some saints, and tragically, Canadians fail to stand up and speak out when the majority of these State Funded Terrorists, abuse their absolute power absolutely to terrorize children and parents.
 These Dead Beat Professional Child Abusers are on a Gender Superiority Campaign that is Fas.cist in nature and it has resulted in across Canada around 99% of children being placed with mothers, often regardless and more often than not, contrary to the evidence that the Judiciary refuse to hear.
 The Judiciary of Canada are fundamentally corrupt. They endlessly engage in what is called "The Process of Justification" which is a classic example of excuses that Criminals use to justify their own personality disorders.
 Ottawa Mens Centre