Justin Trudeau's Liberals edge back up in new poll

Forum poll puts Liberals in first, Conservatives close behind, and New Democrats under 20 per cent.


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has a personal approval rating of 46 per cent, according to Forum Research.

OTTAWA—Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are in majority government territory, according to the latest survey from Forum Research.
The Forum poll, conducted December 10 and 11, found that more than four in 10 respondents would vote Liberal if an election were held today.
The Liberals now sit at 41 per cent, a five-point jump from Forum’s polling in November. The Conservatives were second, with 33 per cent of respondents saying they’d vote for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s party.
The opposition New Democrats, led by Thomas Mulcair, are polling a distant third. Less than a fifth of respondents (17 per cent) said they would vote for the NDP, largely unchanged from November.
Forum’s poll positions have not changed since March 2013, when Trudeau took over the third-place Liberals. But over the last six months, the Conservatives have narrowed the gap.
Throughout the period, Mulcair’s NDP has remained in third place. The Forum poll notes, however, that Mulcair’s personal approval rating has increased to 42 per cent. Among approval for party leaders, Mulcair is polling second, with Trudeau at 46 per cent and Harper at 34 per cent.
The Liberals are polling ahead in Quebec and Ontario, two vote-rich provinces crucial for success in the 2015 federal election. Their lead in both provinces is narrow, however.
In Ontario, 42 per cent of respondents said they’d vote Liberal, with 38 per cent lining up behind the government. In Quebec, 37 per cent of respondents said they’d vote Liberal, while 25 per cent plan to vote NDP.
A separate poll released Monday for iPolitics had the race between Liberals and Conservatives much closer. Pollster EKOS has the Liberals at 31.8 per cent, the Conservative government at 30.8 per cent, and the New Democrats at 20 per cent.
The Forum poll surveyed 1,658 voting-aged Canadians on December 10 and 11, and is believed to be accurate within two per cent, 19 times out of 20.







Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

It's tragic that Justin Trudeau lacks the courage to deal with Canada's most substantive problems. He shows a complete lack of empathy for the 50% of Canadians who have next to no legal rights.

Justin Trudeau while a father shows no empathy for the fact that the Province of Ontario is a veritable breeding ground for criminality by State Sponsored Criminal Organizations.

The Harper government just handed 2.6 Billion Dollars to Ontario which will be primarily used for it's Cor.rupt Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario who Promote Violence by women towards men.

This Criminal institution has now gained control of the Judiciary by installing its own excrement of the legal profession, primarily, former lawyers who used to work for the Children's Aid Society and who betray Children an Parents by "Rubber Stamping" anything the CAS want and by ignoring any evidence that does not suit the CAS.

Justin Trudeau will likely be the next prime minister and we can look forward to his continued patronage of the Very worst Child Abusing Criminals in society who also promote Ontario and Canada's Gender Superiority program that results in around 99% of children in custody decisions being placed with mothers regardless of their record for violence against children and partners.

Justin Trudeau promises to be just another politician like Harper who believes in Good Politics rather than show an iota of empathy towards good social policy or respect for the Rule of Law.

Ottawa Mens Centre


Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have historically not expressed any concern what so ever regarding the outrageous criminal acts committed by the Liberal Appointed Authorities in Ontario.

Take Marguerite Isobel Lewis, an Evidence Fabricating lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who Fabricates Evidence in front of Judges, who were appointed by the Liberals to "Rubber Stamp" any thing asked for by the cess pool of humanity, professional child abusers like Marguerite Lewis.

The reason she gets away with it is because we have Gutless Cowardly Politicians who show zero respect for the Rule of Law.

While we have such low forms of life as politicians, Ontario will continue to be one of the worst places on earth to have a legal problem.

Ontario Operates by installing it's own corrupt Father Hating Judges who support the Billions of Dollars Ontario Spends on its Terrorist War against Fathers in the form of the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

Justin Trudeau should take a look the Toronto Star and the National Post and ask the question Why is it that the CAS and our Judges of Ontario are the most reviled groups in Canada?

There is an anger and outrage across Canada and Justin Trudeau is just another politician more intune with his political survival rather than the best interests of all Canadians.

Ottawa Mens Centre



While the NDP has been traditionally incompetent and under Jack "the John" Layton, Thomas Mulcair is currently the only politician to actually show ethics in supporting the "Good Policy" of the Gun Register rather than just self-interested self serving "Good Politics".

IF Thomas Mulcair can show some real cojonnes he will address Canada's Fas.cist Gender Superiority Program that has across Canada made males criminals, devoid of legal rights, and not fit to be single fathers under a corrupt Family Court system that applies Male Gender Apartheid.

Ontario just got another 2.6 Billion Dollars to spend on what lawyers in Ontario refer to as "The Ges.tapo" thats the Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Society, where its a culture of terrorism against Fathers and of course anyone the Ges.tapo deem in their flawed and corrupt minds to be unfit parents.

Thomas Mulcair needs to take note of the Ottawa CAS Lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis, a professional child abuser and Fabricator of Evidence who, is rumoured to be the next lawyer to be "Anointed" a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Thomas Mulcair should take note. She has all the makings of a future Court of Appeal Judge and being a female, a man hater, a child abuser, make her an ideal candidate for the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Ottawa Police were at first outraged at the damming evidence of Fabrication of Evidence against this Ontario Terrorist. The dropped that investigation upon a phone call with another Ottawa Terroris, Tracey Engleheart, a lawyer for the CAS Ottawa who is encouraged by our Corrupt Judiciary, (former CAS Lawyers) to Obstruct Justice in the court room and get away with it. Another Ideal Judicial Candidate for the Ontario Liberals.

Ottawa Mens Centre



Canada is a breeding ground for terrorists because it spends Billions of dollars on State Funded Terrorism.

The Attorney General of Ontario refuses to take complaints regarding Corrupt Crown Attorneys like TARA DOBEC of Ottawa who "STAYS CHARGES" against the most violent of domestic violence cases simply because the accused is female.

Ontario spends Billions of Dollars promoting Domestic Violence. If you want to meet a Modern Terrorist, Drop by 464 Elgin Street Ottawa and ask for Detective Peter Van Der Zander.

This lowest form of life personally fabricates evidence NOT to charge the worst cases of domestic violence because the Ottawa Police Promote Violence against fathers and its perfectly normal for our Corrupt Ottawa Police to arrest Male Victims of Domestic Violence to remove children from the care of fathers and, place them with violent women.

This kind of Criminality is promoted across Canada in almost every police force. It makes Canada a Corrupt cess pool of injustice with an openly Fascist agenda of Gender Superiority where children and fathers have no legal rights.

For this Corrupt Vile state of affairs we can thank our gutless cowardly politicians who don't give a dam about the Rule of Law, Justice, Equity or the best interests of children who increasingly grow up fatherless.

Ottawa Mens Centre