Toronto woman's troubles turned around by unique housing program

A woman once trapped in an abusive relationship talks about the unique housing program that helped turn her life around.


Martha, not her real name, opens the curtains in a market rate apartment she rents. She was in a program run by Interval House, that gave her subsidized housing for a year. This allowed her the financial breathing room to establish herself, live independently and plan for her future. This year, she was able to bring her two children from Botswana to Canada following six years of separation.

Martha, not her real name, opens the curtains in a market rate apartment she rents. She was in a program run by Interval House, that gave her subsidized housing for a year. This allowed her the financial breathing room to establish herself, live independently and plan for her future. This year, she was able to bring her two children from Botswana to Canada following six years of separation.


This week thousands across the GTA will celebrate Christmas. For one woman — an accountant by trade — who thanks to a unique housing program managed to push poverty away, the season will be like no other.
“Every now and then, when I’m with my daughters I say, ‘I can’t believe that we’re together.’ It’s like I’m still dreaming,” says Martha, sitting in her spacious two-bedroom apartment just south of Eglinton Ave. near the Don Valley Parkway. A large flat-screen TV stands opposite the matching sofa set; shining hardwood floors spread out across to the balcony; a Christmas tree with presents underneath is next to the couch.

A few years ago, after arriving in Canada as a refugee, she found herself isolated by an abusive relationship. Martha (not her actual name) was surrounded by the various forces that trap many victims of abuse — high rents, poor job prospects, a lack of support. It all seemed insurmountable to her.

But thanks to an initiative by Interval House called Her Home Housing Project, and the generosity of private sector landlords, Martha escaped that life. The not-for-profit organization began partnering with large property owners in 2004, matching women escaping abusive relationships with apartments offered at rents geared to income.
In 2011 Martha moved into a bachelor apartment next to High Park that rented for $1,050 a month. She only had to pay $300, an amount she could afford with her new administrative job that Interval House helped her find. She was making $1,750 a month, after taxes, and had enough left over to send home to her kids in Botswana.
“One of the biggest barriers to women leaving an abusive situation is poverty,” says Ashleigh Saith, Interval House’s director of development and partnerships. “Many think they can’t pay their own rent or all the other bills.”
Saith explains that women in dangerous situations who are committed to becoming self-sufficient are given rent-geared-to-income units, usually in desirable locations, for one year. After that they transition to market-rate housing.
Weeks after Martha moved into her High Park apartment the emotional scars began to heal. She was able to establish herself, found a financial footing and soon started the process of bringing her daughters here; they arrived this summer after a six-year separation from their mother.
“It was a very positive transition,” she says. “I was very grateful. They had arranged it in a nice area, beautiful. It’s one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods, a five-minute walk to the subway. Being able to be on my own, to save money, to do things for myself, it made me feel — wow. I thought I had lost that in my life, the independence.
She says the setting of the apartment and the location helped her put her life back together. “It wasn’t the type of place that you typically associate with poverty or hardship. I never thought that I could actually live in that neighbourhood.” Shortly after moving in, she began the complex immigration process that allowed Martha to reunite with her kids.
They now live together in a market-rent apartment, and Martha wants to eventually go back to school so she can get her Canadian accounting certification.
Martha’s story brings satisfaction to Scott Andison. He’s the president and CEO of the Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario, which represents the private partners that have contributed the units to help victims of abuse. There are now 15 such apartments across the GTA.
“Our members don’t look at it as a handout, it’s a way to help people on their own become self-sufficient.” Andison says tenants in the program typically pay about 30 per cent of market rent, with property owners covering the lost revenue.
“We’re getting interest from landlords in other parts of Ontario,” says Saith. In November, Interval House expanded the program to Ottawa and Hamilton. “We do see this as a model to replicate.”
Martha says she wants to spread the word to other women lost in abusive situations. Asked what it will mean to have her kids with her for their first Canadian Christmas, Martha’s eyes grow wide.
“My kids, the other day they said, ‘Mommy, what am I going to get you,’ and I said, ‘you are my Christmas presents.’ ”







The Ontario Government funds female victims of abuse with billions of dollars with over a billion dollars defrauded from Taxpayers in the Black Hole of the Unaccountable Children's Aid Societies of Ontario who provide unlimited Free Legal Services not just for female victims of abuse but for the larger number of violent women who abuse their children and the fathers of their Children.

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