Barbara Kay: More rape statistics by the biased for the biased



A new Forum Research telephone survey of 1,658 concludes that one in five women have been raped or sexually assaulted. Yet that widely contested figure is still not good enough for radical feminists.

University of Ottawa law professor Elizabeth Sheehy (whose previous claim to fame is a book that advocates justice provisions that would permit female victims of domestic violence to kill their abusers without legal penalty) insists the poll number is a “lowball of what’s happening here.” Sheehy says the poll question, “Have you ever been sexually assaulted or raped?” is inadequate, because “There’s just so many layers…to a person’s decision in her own mind as whether what happened to her was or was not rape or sexual assault.”

The actual statistics on rape look nothing like the surveys.

Precisely the problem. Physical assault leaves bruises or blood or broken bones. Robberies leave spaces where items once stood. Vandalism creates visible damage to property. Rape and sexual assaults are the only crimes dealt with by law enforcement where the “evidence” that a crime has taken place is left to the alleged victim to decide. What rape actually means nowadays is notoriously vague. (It used to imply some measure of force. If it doesn’t, it may not be great sex, but it should not be criminalized behaviour). It can mean anything from drunken-revels remorse, to drunken sex with one’s partner, to a sexual act not explicitly invited by the word “yes.” In which case Ms. Sheehy may be right when she claims half of Canadian women have suffered at least one act of physical or sexual violence since age 16.

It is worth revisiting the origins of rape-culture hysteria, because unlike other crimes, most of the surveys and reports about rape from the 1980s and 90s that ideologues rely on for their numbers were not fuelled by concerns about public safety. The parameters and methodology of many of those reports don’t stand up to interrogation, because they were conducted by theorists educated to believe that all heterosexual men are inherently dangerous to women.

Here for example is feminist scholar Alison Jaggar in her 1983 book, Feminist Politics and Human Nature, a standard text in North American universities: “From prehistoric times to the present, rape has played a critical function. It is nothing more nor less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.” Sentiments reprising this basic theme – that all men are potential rapists – can be found in literally hundreds of other staple feminist texts. Is it any wonder so many young women are confused about whether they have willingly participated, or been assaulted, in their sexual hook-ups?

And that is why the era’s surveys are unreliable. According to San Francisco’s National Institute of Mental Health in 1978, for example, 44% of women had endured a rape or attempted rape at least once. Such figures are inconceivable if one applies the criterion of “force.” And indeed force is but one criterion in these surveys, which often include soft questions  like whether a woman has had sex after being offered alcohol or drugs. Moreover, they are not community surveys – i.e. random samplings of populations, considered the gold standard of sociological polling methodology – but a small sampling of a very narrow subset of women.

The actual statistics on rape look nothing like the surveys. Sexual offenses represent less than one percent of all reported crime. Of course many rapes are not reported, but so are many other crimes not reported, including male rape and male physical assault. Multiply by 10 for unreported rapes and it is still but 10% of the 1% of all reported crimes. Women under 16 and women over 30 are in statistical terms at zero risk of rape. Even between the ages of 16-30, a woman’s real odds of being raped are one in 2000. And that number could be dramatically reduced if women took responsibility for avoiding high-risk situations.

What I have just written is objectively true, but I will be labeled a “rape denialist” for saying it, even though I not only recognize rape as a serious crime, but take the stand I do so that real rape victims’ ordeals are not dumbed down But in the moral panic game known as rape culture, you can toss any factual coin, and it’s heads: rape-culturists win, tails: rape “denialists” lose.

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

These Rampant Promoters of Violence Against men and in particular Fathers, will never ever mention the number of men raped by women.

These same extreme feminists have faces oozing with a pathological hatred of men generally as a result of prior abuse for which they have every right to be angry, mad, upset and to demand justice for what happened to them personally.

While we can have empathy for what they went through, their pathological hatred is turned into an angry army of women who generally never ever have another relationship with a man , and who turn their anger and violence towards all the good men and good fathers who love and respect women.

It breeds a society of women who believe the Extreme Feminist Propaganda, they actively seek out unwitting c.perm donors to inseminate them and often not even tell the father he is a father or tell the children that they have a father.

Now some 25% of all births in Canada fail to name a father and  a large percentage of those births resulted from a man hating woman who raped a man to steal his c.perm to become pregnant.

In Canada sex to become pregnant without consent is NOT yet, a criminal offence.

Canada needs to prevent Sexual Assault and Rape by women and men and there needs to be a fundamental understanding that Women, do Rape Men all the time and there has yet to be a single woman in Canada convicted of raping a man and that's because our Police, our judiciary make it a Political Offence to say that a woman is violent.

Corrupt Man Hating Judges like Jennifer Belishen of Ottawa, a former CAS lawyer has on a number of occasions, terminated children's relationships with their father simply because the mother assaulted the children and the father and expressed that concern to the court.

It is now heresy for fathers to say anything about violence by women and for that reason, Society is intimidated by a Corrupt Judiciary, a corrupt police who enforce what can only be called, Male Sharia Law.

Welcome to Ontario's Promotion of Domestic Violence and Sexual assault by women towards men.

Ottawa Mens Centre




Barbara Kay is again to be congratulated on bringing to the Public's attention, the incredible propaganda promoted by extreme feminists for their own corrupt funding.

In Ontario, the Ontario Provincial Government spends Billions of Dollars promoting violence by women towards men.

Dam near every sane father knows that if the mother of his children tries to kill him or repeatedly assaults him, as soon as he calls 911 the Local Police will Charge him and not her.

The Worst of the Worst of these Political Police, who enforce Male Sharia Law and promote violence by women towards men are well known.

The Ottawa Police claim 85% of all victims are female.
The Criminal Lawyers of Ontario have another story.
The vast majority of cases where men are charged the male is actually the victim.

It's now normal for Police to charge male victims of domestic violence.

Here is True Crime Story of how the Police Obstruct Justice by Fabricating Evidence to Support Ontario's most violent women.

Recently Peter Van Der Zander Fabricated evidence in a written report that a
woman had denied attempting to strangle her husband. The Video of his interview
showed that he never asked her the question. He was however provided with
written and verbal information by a Cst. Smith who noted he found blood and
scratch marks around the neck of the father, who happened to be the primary

Van Der Zander listened to a voice recording of the entire event and
fabricated statements that he claimed he heard however they were not on the

Van Der Zander was however concerned that she might kill him with a knife
"next time" and basically told her that he was releasing her with out charges so
she could go back and call the police herself "next time".

Despite being told by the attending officers of injuries that needed to be
photographed, he released the mother and sent her home in a Victim Witness car.

He kept the father incarcerated and for some 16 hours and failed to
interview him prior to releasing the mother.

Van Der Zander claimed in his occurrence report that her multiple assaults
must have been "a reflex action" he blamed the victim for "provoking her" .

Van Der Zander was later removed from the file, another detective then was
assigned with strict rules to NOT review Van Der Zander's actions. That
detective chose another day a few weeks earlier and charged the mother with
threatening Death and assault for some 55 assaults in one day.

The Police turned a blind eye to evidence of admissions by the mother to
multiple assaults against the children and conveniently held conferences for
which every person who attended later developed total amnesia .

The Ottawa Police spend 75% of the their budget effectively promoting
child abuse and violence towards children and fathers. Its all part of Ontario's
Gender Superiority Program that enables the various police forces of Ontario to
spend billions of dollars of tax payers money on what amounts to a Fas.cist
program of Gender Superiority.

Ottawa Mens Centre


Across Canada tens of thousands of Fathers who sacrifice their careers to be full time parents become victims of absolute power, given to women who can abuse them with absolute impunity and immunity.

Our Police and Cor.rupt's Ai.d Soc.iety followed by the Judiciary, engage in endless Victimization of fathers who are victims of domestic violence.

A classic example of the lowest form of life in Canada is that of Detective Peter Van Der Zander of the Ottawa Police who Fabricates evidence NOT to charge the most violent of female offenders for the purpose of removing children from a father's care and placing them in the care of the mother, with the help of their partners in Crime, the Mother's Aid Society,  aka the Chi.ldren's Soc.iety of Ott.awa.

Across Ontario, the Jud.ges Cham.bers are filled with psychopaths, professional brown nosers who were selected by the Government's hand picked puppet selectors who choose the least suitable lawyers to be judges because they will make Political Decisions rather than legal decisions.

The Case Law now is smothered in what the legal profession calls "Justifications" where Judges engage in "The Process of Justification" that's the unofficial legal explanation for Judicial Misconduct, a polite expression for Obstruction of Justice and Fabri.cation of Evid.ence by the Jud.iciary to justify Fas.cist Gen.der Superiority decisions that are part of the Ontario Government's official program of promoting violence by mothers towards fathers.

The end result is that in Ontario 99% of custody cases result in children being placed with "mothers" regardless of incredible records for violence and abuse against children and fathers.

Our Corr.upt Rotten Cops like Det. Peter Van Der Zander of Ottawa Fabricate Evidence NOT to charge violent women as part of the "Sanitation of Statistics"

The Man Hater brigade is dominated by the Billion Dollar funding for "One Stop Divorce Shops" and police "partner assault" departments that spend most of their time prosecuting Male Victims of Domestic Violence to "Sanitize the Statistics".

Gobels himself could not have done a better job of propaganda.

Welcome to Kor.rupt Kan.ada
The land of Kan.garoo Courts.

Ottawa Mens Centre



I've lost count of the number of fathers who relate a similar story.

She demands sex, when she wants it and often it is associated with extreme violence, verbal abuse and psychological abuse.


One female favorite is slaps the head, endless repeated slaps to the head and loud screaming in the ears.


They become addicted to escalating forms of violence that generally results in what she wanted, a call to the police, where they end up with a Cor.rupt Ro.tten Cop like Detective Peter Van Der Zander of the Ottawa Police who personally Fabricates evidence NOT to charge violent females.



Det. Peter Van Der Zander is one who was caught red handed fabricating evidence but the entire management of the Ottawa Police fall in behind him to support this Evidence Fabricating Child Abusing Cor.rupt Rotten Cop.


So why do Rotcten Cops Fabricate Evidence?

Because in Ontario its official government police of Gender Superiority where mothers are encouraged to be violent towards children and fathers.


Any father who calls 911 or expresses a concern about her unprovoked violence to children and partners results in the children being removed from his care to that of the violent mother who previously never spent any time with the children.


When they get to court, the Judiciary is riddled with Cor.rupt former CAS lawyers turned judges like Tim Minemma from the Kingston CAS or Jennifer Belishen formerly of the Ottawa CAS who now turns a blind eye to fabrication of evidence by


her former work mate Marguerite Lewis who apparently is going to be "anointed a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice despite the fact that the court corridors are filled with groups of lawyers talking about

the outrageous criminal offenses of Marguerite Isobel Lewis.


Note: Marguerite Lewis does not deny that she fabricated evidence and obstructed justice.  The criminal charges against her are another story of Ontario Government Fas.cist agenda of promoting criminal offences against the administration of justice.


Oh LSUC? They refused to investigate.  The Ottawa police did.


Ottawa Mens Centre



Elizabeth Sheehy's open flagrant promotion of Murder of men, is symptom and effect of the Ontario Government's Promotion of Violence towards fathers.

The Ontario Liberals, and NDP have long supported escalating abusive changes to legislation and "precedent" that results in an almost total absence of legal rights for Fathers especially those who are victims of unprovoked Female Violence.

The Ontario Government uses its puppet Cor.rupt Judiciary, to place 99% of children with mothers regardless of the evidence.

It makes Ontario a Fas.cist province riddled with Fas.cist least suitable lawyers to be given absolute power to abuse with impunity fathers and children who are victims of female violence.

Take the Dishonourable Tim Minemma, this vile example of humanity, fabricates evidence of "Admissions" of violence by fathers that were never made.

That's the classic example of Obstruction of Justice that has become common place in Ontario Courts and we can thank our entire Judiciary of Ontario who undermine the Rule of law and bring ill-repute to the administration of Justice.

Across Canada the most reviled examples of humanity are now the Judiciary who cannot be trusted to be objective, impartial or engage in legal reasoning.

What we have is a Fas.cist Judicial system that is no different from that of the Judiciary of the 3rd Reich.

For every child who never sees their father again in Ontario, you can thank a dead beat evidence fabricating judge and their partner in crime, evidence fabricating lawyers who get slaps on the back for Fabricating Evidence, perjury and obstructing justice.

That's life in Kor.rupt Ontario.

Ottawa Mens Centre

Ottawa Mens Centre