Information czar investigating whether government refusing to release data in easy-to-read, digital formats





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Government creates illusions and diversions by refusing to supply "data" whose legal name is "Disclosure".


In Ontario, the Government fails to disclose the process by which the selectors of judges are chosen, hides their names, and effective anoints to absolute power the least suitable psychopaths, borderline personalities, with an almost guaranteed propensity for abuse of absolute power.


These same insults to justice, then REFUSE to order disclosure and what little disclosure is ordered they refuse to enforce the order.

In Ottawa the Ottawa Police and their Criminal Partners in Crime, habitually fail to provide court ordered and clearly understood disclosure obligations however, NOT a single police person is "responsible".


When the Police and or their partners in crime, the CAS, act or fail to act in contempt of court NOT a single judge will hold a single person actually responsible. The entire system is designed to promote flagrant contempt that brings the administration of Justice into ill repute.


The Courts act directly to protect Known Criminals like Det. Peter Van Der Zander of the Ottawa Police and Marguerite Isobel Lewis both of whom Fabricate evidence to obstruct Justice and worst of all abuse children.


It's enough to make you want to puke.


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