Ottawa Police use humour to deter drunk driving on New Year’s Eve


Kristy Cameron @1310Kristy


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

In Ottawa the most violent criminals have a "Free Pass" from the Ottawa Police providing they are female and are assaulting a father.

The Ottawa Police have what is called "Old School Policing" that's another name for when the Police become the Criminals and promote crime for their own make work projects.

Ontario has a Fascist Gender Superiority program that presently results in around 99% of mother's getting custody of children even when they are the most violent women in Ontario.

Ontario provides such mothers with unlimited legal funds with around 1.5 Billion Dollars a year of direct and indirect funding of what local lawyers called "The Gestapo" the unaccountable Children's Aid Societies of Ontario where lawyers like Ottawa's Marguerite Isobel Lewis personally fabricate evidence to assist Ontario's most violent mothers.

The Ottawa Police typically Fabricate Evidence NOT to charge violent women. Det. Peter Van Der Zander of the Ottawa Police is one example of an Ontario Rotten Cop who Fabricates evidence.

In one recent case, the officers observed a father with blood and scratch marks around his neck, his wife had pulled his head down by pulling his hair and placed what can only be described as a combat trained strangle hold.  

Det. Van Der Zander aware of the officers reports and a witness, fabricated in his report that this violent mother, "denied pulling his hair and attempting to choke him".

The Ottawa Police knowing that Van Der Zander Fabricated Evidence refused to supply the video of that interview in contempt of court orders. When it was finally obtained it showed that Van Der Zander never even asked her if she pulled his hair and or attempted to choke him.

While he was concerned she might kill him with a knife, he released her without charges and sent her home in a victim services car, so she could have another opportunity to call police first next time.

A classic story of the Corrupt Ottawa Police and their abuse of victims of abuse.

If you meet an Ottawa Cop, ask them what they think of the Corrupt Evidence Fabricating Det. Peter Van Der Zander.

Ottawa Mens Centre