Man arrested in Boxing Day shooting at Kanata Mall


Andrew Pinsent @1310Pinsent


OTTAWA – An Ottawa man has been arrested and is facing numerous charges after a Boxing Day shooting at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Kanata.

The guns and gangs unit arrested and charged Yaqoub Ali, 26, on Tuesday.

A warrant was also served on an east-end home in connection to the shooting.

The male victim in the Boxing Day shooting was shot in the foot and suffered minor injuries.

Only one shot was fired according to police.

“Gun violence and the gang activity associated with it is an enforcement priority for our Service and this arrest is the direct result of hard work by our officers,” said Ottawa Police Acting Chief Jill Skinner.

“Investigations into other shootings in Ottawa remain underway and we are significantly increasing the number of Guns & Gangs investigators looking into those cases.”

Ali is facing 11 charges:

-careless handling
-use and storage of a firearm
-pointing a firearm
-possession of a weapon that’s dangerous to public peace
-carrying a concealed weapon
-possessing a restricted firearm without a license
-knowlingly possessing a restricted firearm without a license
-possessing a loaded firearm
-possession of a firearm obtained by crime
-possessing a firearm while prohibited
-endangering public safety and discharge with the intent to wound
-endanger life or prevent arrest

In 2014, Ottawa Police made 83 arrests of gang members and associates and seized 53 guns involved in crimes, more than half of them were handguns.

Direct Action Response Team officers continue to monitor offenders make sure they comply with court conditions.

A total of 26 gang associates have been found breaching their court conditions in 2014.

“Ottawa remains a safe city,” added Acting Chief Skinner. “We are committed to addressing these crimes.”

Anyone with information can contact the Ottawa Guns & Gangs Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5050.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

While the Ottawa Police showcase their DART and Guns and Gangs as examples of their work, there is another darker side that they don't want to talk about.

The Ottawa Police Claim that 90% of victims of domestic violence are female, and that 90% of those charged are male. Those fabricated statistics hide the fact that the Ottawa Police are on Gender Superiority agenda of promoting violence and very serious criminal offences by Police and those with a vested self interest in the Billions of Dollars the Ontario and Federal Government throw into the bottomless pit of extreme feminism.

You won't hear the Ottawa Police laying charges against their own officers for Fabricating Evidence nor will you hear of them laying any criminal charges against lawyers who Fabricate Evidence personally in court hearings in Ottawa to abuse children.

When you see an Ottawa Police uniform, spare a thought for all the victims of Crime, the victims of the Criminal Organization called the Ottawa Police.

Facts and examples of evidence have been provided to the Ottawa Police and the those who are the subject of the allegations above have failed to deny those allegations and as such it can be assumed that a failure to deny is an admission.

Yet, the Ottawa Police spend incredible amounts of time, effort and money, supporting their own criminals and criminal prosecutions of victims of criminals employed by the Ottawa Police.

Ottawa Mens Centre


The Ottawa Police have yet to lay any charge against one Peter Van Der Zander for Fabricating Evidence and Obstructing Justice.

Recently Rotten Ottawa Cop, Detective Peter Van Der Zander fabricated evidence NOT to charge one of Ontario's most violent women who attempted to kill the father of their children by strangulation.

Both his superior Officers refused to act in the face of incontrovertible evidence of his own report that claimed he asked the mother if she tried to strangle him and that she denied choking him. Just one problem, the Ottawa Police refused and failed to comply with court orders for disclosure of the Video of that interview.

When the interview was obtained, it showed that Van Der Zander Fabricated his report and his claimed evidence.

Now, the Ottawa Police have turned a blind eye to a never ending series of very serious Criminal offences to cover up and to protect Ottawa's most notorious "Rotten Cop" Detective Peter Van Der Zander, a drop out recently promoted, AFTER the Ottawa Police realized he fabricated Evidence to NOT charge a violent female.

The Ottawa Police are a Criminal Organization engaged in endless Criminal offences in what is called "Old School Policing".

and they wonder why the society has so many people with a hatred of police.

Ottawa Mens Centre.


The Ottawa Police are masters at publicity, self serving publicity when the reality is it is a $400 Million Dollar a year Criminal Organization with a Fas.cist agenda of Gender Superiority that consumes around 75% of their budget promoting domestic violence by women towards men and, criminal offences against the administration of justice.

Recently the Ottawa Police, one Sgt. John Gibbons commenced a very unpopular investigation into a Marguerite Isobel Lewis, No. 13-72534. After Sgt. John Gibbons reviewed the transcripts and documentary evidence he announced "It's perjury, she lied to the judge".

Well while any intelligent reader will know that it was not perjury by Obstruct Justice and or Fabricating Evidence, the fact is, the Ottawa Police or any police in Ontario will NOT lay any criminal charges against those who work for GOD,
more appropriately, those who are given "The Power of God" by the Ontario Government, with Billions of Dollars of your taxes spent on Ontario's largest Criminal Organization, the 54 private corporations, who have NO accountability, absolute power with their own judges, former CAS lawyers to "Rubber Stamp"
what ever they want.

While Ontario Politicians turn a blind eye, these State Funded Criminals are sinking Ontario into Billions of dollars in debt and a cost in destruction, of destroyed lives, abused children and parents that continues to escalate.

When, will a single politician step up to the plate?

Notice how silent Justin Trudeau is on this subject so close to the Liberals?

It's time for a change and if you are a parent, especially a male parent, its a very dangerous place to be with children.

Ottawa Mens Centre