Lack of police resources not to blame for record shootings in 2014: El-Chantiry

January 4, 2015


More Brainless Corr.upt ideas that more police will solve a problem created by in part by police.

First, Canadian Politicans need to get legislation to broaden the powers of Police to engage in "Random searches" especially of vehicles crossing to and from the USA from where most guns are illegally obtained.

Second, we have increasingly dysfunctional youth who are predisposed by being raised in Fatherless Homes as a result of Ontario's Fas..cist program of Gender Superiority that gives Mothers custody 99% of the time.

Third we have Rotten Corrupt Evidence Fabricating Cops like Det. Peter Van Der Zander who Fabricates Evidence NOT to charge violent females simply to make a "custody decision" to remove children from full time fathers who happen to be, victims of female Violence that Rotten Cops like Det. Peter Van Der Zander actively encourage to be violent.

Its why Ottawa is the most Dangerous Place on the Globe to be a father and to be a victim of Female violence, that the Ottawa Police receive some 400 Million dollars most of which is spent, on "Partner Assault" which is their department
responsible for Promoting Violence by women towards children and Partners.

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The Ottawa Police Promote the Most Serious forms of crime, Child Abuse and offences against the administration of Justice by refusing to lay charges against the most vile of criminals like
Marguerite Isobel Lewis, an evidence fabricating lawyer for the Ottawa Criminal Organization called "The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa" that costs around 100 Million dollars a year as part of Ontario's Gender Superiority Program of
Father Cleansing to remove children from male victims of domestic violence and to place them with the most violent of mothers.

El-Chatiry has shown NO interest in dealing with Ottawa's Number One Criminal Organization of Child Abusers, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

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Re John Tory

John Tory should start by dealing with Ontario's mega Billion Dollar problem of Government Funded Criminal Organizations such as the
54 Unaccountable Children's Aid Societies of Ontario
who habitually fabricate evidence.

John Tory should bring an end to the practice of Hiring CAS lawyers as
judges who then Rubber Stamp anything the CAS ask for regardless of the evidence.

A Classic Example is that of former CAS lawyer Timothy Minnema, who as a judge personally fabricates evidence to assist the CAS, and turns a deliberate blind eye
to fabrication of evidence by the likes of the Notorious Ottawa Child Abuser
Marguerite Lewis who personally fabricates evidence to assist the most violent of mothers who habitually assaulted children and partners.

John Tory should be getting on the phone and give Timothy Minnema a call and ask that he consider the face saving option of "Retiring".

That is what happened to another Ottawa Judge Monique Metivier who while subject to a complaint to the Judicial Council "retired" to end an investigation
of corruptly granting an Exparte secret court hearing to protect Marguerite Lewis from any accountability for her fabrication of evidence and obstruction of Justice.

Ottawa is a cess pool of Corruption that costs Ontario Billions of Dollars.

John Tory will however like most politicians turn a blind eye to the most defenceless in our community, the children who become the ducks who lay the golden eggs for the CAS.

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