Mother found fit to stand trial for murder of girl

Surrey, B.C. — The Canadian Press


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A Surrey, B.C., woman accused of killing her eight-year-old daughter has been found fit to stand trial.

Lisa Batstone appeared in provincial court on Monday, where the results of a psychiatric assessment were released.

She is facing a second-degree murder charge in the death of Teagan Batstone, whose body was found in the trunk of a car in early December.

On her way out of the courtroom, Batstone waved and blew kisses to her family and then covered her mouth and cried.

Her lawyer says Batstone is severely depressed and will remain in a psychiatric hospital.

Police have said they were responding to a suspicious circumstance when the little girl’s body was discovered in south Surrey.



When it comes to parents who kill children, it can often be traced back to a Dead Beat Judge who decided to
ignore all the evidence of a violent mentally ill mother

and remove children from the care of a father and, place

the child/ren with a violent mentally ill mother.


In Ottawa we have a long list of corrupt vile father hating

judges who don't give a dam about child protection but

Gender Superiority of the Ontario Superior Court where

99% of children are placed in the care of mothers, even the most violent who habitually assault children and fathers.

Who is the worse?

You can start with the vile examples of humanity who used to be lawyers for the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.


One Marguerite Lewis is rumored to be a next Superior Court Judge. Just one problem, she is a Child Abusing Criminal who, Fabricates Evidence in front of Judges like

the Corrupt Timonth Minnema who, used to be a lawyer

for the CAS of Kingston.


Minnema will continue to leave a trail of destruction until the day he "retires" or finds some other way of turning up his Judicial toes.


Ottawa Mens Centre