Government agency blocked public servants from accessing Blacklock’s news website


January 6, 2015


By Metro





The federal government blocked hundreds of thousands of public servants from accessing an Ottawa-based independent news website last summer, according to a report in Blacklock’s Reporter.

The reporter-owned website covering Parliament Hill published a story online Tuesday stating Shared Services Canada restricted access to from Aug. 22 to Sept. 9, 2014.

Redacted documents obtained by the news agency through an Access to Information request reportedly show the government department’ IT staff concealed the rationale for blocking employees from accessing Blacklock’s.


In a statement to Metro, Shared Services spokesperson Ted Francis said a “potential cyber threat” to government infrastructure was detected on the Blacklock’s website.

“The threat was subsequently rectified. Access to was restored,” wrote Francis. No other details were provided in the statement to explain what the threat was or how it posed any danger.

Blacklock’s publisher Holly Doan called the move “outrageous conduct.”

“It’s astonishing to see Canada join the short list of countries that forbid public employees from accessing internet news sites,” Doan said. “This is not only Orwellian, it appears to breach the government’s own guidelines on workplace internet use.”

Metro has requested comment from Diane Finley, the minister responsible for Public Works and Government Services.

The Canadian Association of Journalists also criticized Shared Services’ apparent blocking of Blacklock’s, which it noted is a Parliamentary Press Gallery-accredited news organization. CAJ has asked Shared Services for more clarity on the incident.

“Shared Services Canada never should have stopped anyone on the public payroll from lawfully reading Blacklock’s reporting,” said CAJ president, Hugo Rodrigues. “The department only rescinded the order after subscribers spoke up and journalists started asking questions. Blacklock’s deserves an explanation.”










Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Is there Censorship in Canada?

First, Ontario Operates Secret Courts that are closed to the public and subject to draconian publication bans that are rarely ever necessary.

That effectively sends a chilling threatening message to every journalist and every lawyer working for a news organization.

In Ottawa and most other cities in Ontario, the Children's Aid Society are referred to by local lawyers as "The Gestapo" and for good reason.

Publication bans however do not stop the Gestapo of Ottawa or any other city in Ontario from publishing any and all information that it feels will assist its cause. 

On One day, the CAS will be publishing names and photographs of its favorite people while at the same time demanding that the court room be cleared of Journalists.

In Ottawa the Metro News, the Ottawa Citizen, and almost every Journalist from every news organization in Canada has been thrown out of a court room because a Judge was holding a "Secret Court Hearing" that would, if published even without the names, would be highly embarrassing to "The Gestapo".

Recently, a normally highly respected Superior Court Judge Paul Kane,  took the unusual action of throwing out of a hearing, two officials from the Australian Government who were concerned that an Australian Child Citizen was not being treated fairly.

The legislation only allows a Judge to remove people from the court room if they present a RISK of harm to the child and for no other reason.  When Journalists, and representatives of Foreign Governments are thrown out of the court room, it is for the improper purpose of making illegal decisions that can only be described as Fas.cism at its best.

It encourages crimes against children. Ottawa CAS lawyer Marguerite Lewis personally Fabricates evidence, blatantly and habitually in front of Judges who are either intimidated by the CAS or have the incredible conflict of having worked for Ontario's Criminal Cartel of CAS.

The CAS is a breeding ground for the most vile of professional child abusers.

The Dis-Honourable Timothy Minnema used to be a lawyer for the Kingston CAS and now, presides over mainly Secret Court Hearings where he turns a deliberate blind eye to Fabrications of evidence by his former colleagues, of the same Criminal Cult.

The Publicity Bans, the Secret Court Hearings effectively encourage the underbelly of the Judiciary like Timothy Minnema to then Fabricate Evidence personally.

The classic fabrication is to claim, the victim made admissions of the very worst allegations, when the victim of their crimes never did make such admissions.

It's one of the dirtiest stunts a lawyer can pull, as an officer of the court. When its a JUDGE, it sends a message to the underbelly of the legal profession that it is Normal conduct.

That's why we have censorship in Canada and why when I hear "O'Canada, I reach for the sick bag.

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