OTTAWA – Ottawa Police Association calls for hiring freeze to be lifted, NCC explains the maintenance involved for the Rideau Canal Skateway and an Ottawa area woman discusses her ‘traumatic’ flight from the Dominican Republic to Ottawa on The Ed Hand Show.

Wednesday’s show rundown:

Ottawa Police Association President Matt Skoff discusses their call for a hiring freeze to be lifted calling the force ‘understaffed.’

Bruce Devine, Senior Manager, Operations, Facilities and Programs of the National Capital Commission discusses the process of ice being installed on the Rideau Canal, as well as what its like to be working in the deep freeze.

Martha Robinson, extreme weather lead with Ottawa Public Health’s Environmental Health Protection Branch discusses tips if you’re working in the cold, and how to prevent frostbite.

Executive Director of the Ottawa Mission Peter Tilley discusses what they’re doing to help people out of the cold during this latest snap.

Shachi Kurl of the Angus Reid Institute discuss their latest federal polling numbers.

Holisitic Nutritionist Michelle W. Book, with the Canadian Health Foods Association, discusses the top health food trends for 2015.

Dr. Joel Ray at St. Michael’s Hospital discusses his study that shows those with more pay day loan outfits in their neighbourhood see earlier mortality.

Passengers from Air Transat flight 859 from Dominican to Ottawa discusses her ‘traumatizing’ 21-hour ordeal.

Charles Lammam of the Fraser Institute discusses their study taking a look at the idea of ‘Guaranteed Income.’

Executive Director of the Ottawa Little Theatre Lynne Mcguigan discusses the theatre’s “Renew the building” campaign.