Ottawa’s police chief pens open letter about gang violence

January 8, 2015



Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau wrote an open letter to city residents about recent street gang violence, distributed Wednesday.

In the letter while saying “we live in a safe city,” Bordeleau acknowledges an increase in “targeted, street gang-related shootings,” and says the incidents are related to illegal drugs, the availability of guns, and the “increased willingness of street gang members to use them.”

Bordealeau says preventing the activity and arresting those involved is a “top operational priority” for the force, but says longer-term solutions lie with community agencies who can assist in steering people away from the gang lifestyle.

elow is the full letter:

January 7, 2015

Open Letter by Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau

We live in a safe city. However, as police, we recognize that there are fluctuations in crime to which we must be prepared to respond.

While reported crime is down, there has been an increase in targeted, street gang-related shootings. These incidents have taken place across the city, in various neighbourhoods, and with the common linkage being the illegal drug trade, the availability of hand guns, and the increased willingness of street gang members to use them.

I recognize the concern in the community about these shootings. There is always a threat that these targeted shootings can result in an innocent person being struck.

Preventing this activity, arresting the individuals responsible, and ensuring they



are held accountable by the court system continues to be a top operational priority of the Ottawa Police.

But while the focus of the Ottawa Police is squarely on enforcement and proactive policing, we know that the solutions to this issue rest with the community at large. Those longer-term solutions include continued and increased police focus but also increased focus from community agencies who can assist in steering people away from, or out of, the gang lifestyle.

We are responding to these incidents with an increased enforcement strategy that will hold offenders accountable. We have doubled the number of investigators in our Guns and Gangs Unit and we have members in Patrol, Districts, and the Drug Unit focused on investigating, identifying, charging, and keeping close tabs on known gang associates and prolific offenders.

I am confident in the officers working to deal with this increase. They have been doing excellent work on this issue. In 2014 alone, 83 gang members and associates were arrested with hundreds of charges laid.

More than 50 crime guns were seized by Ottawa Police in 2014 and more than half of those were handguns. According to provincial statistics, about 60% of crime guns in Ontario are foreign-sourced and smuggled into Canada often originating in the United States. About 20% are domestically sourced and another 20% have no known origin.

Even after individuals are charged, our police work is often not done. In cases where individuals have been released on court conditions, our Direct Action Response Team officers conduct hundreds of compliance checks to ensure they are keeping to those conditions. In 2014, 29 street gang members or associates were found in breach of conditions and arrested.

About two years ago, we began a discussion on a city-wide gang strategy that includes enforcement but also supports and help for individuals and families vulnerable to the gang lifestyle.

Through our partnerships with Crime Prevention Ottawa, we are supporting the Ottawa Gang Strategy which is designed to help prevent or curtail future gang membership. For example, we are working with the Children’s Aid Society and community partners like the John Howard Society and You Turn to reach out to younger siblings of gang involved youth to break the cycle of violence in families.
The Youth Services Bureau is building a Trades Centre to offer training, employment possibilities and hope to youth involved with the law who are currently making money illegally but need new, realistic sources of income.

There have been hundreds of people involved in information sessions and relationship building exercises to develop a more positive understanding between the criminal justice system and immigrant communities.

We are also looking at ways to address gaps in supports such as the need for support for offenders who come out of jail with the gang lifestyle as their only perceived option.

A great amount of work still needs to be done and our officers are committed to the task of protecting community safety.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


The Ottawa Police like Every police force in Canada are literally left with their hands tied behind their back when it comes to fighting the importation of Guns.


The primary problem is our Conservatives who have a "Gun Culture" that destroyed the Firearm Registry.


The Absence of any real understanding or willingness by the Conservative Government and the now Flip Flopping Justin Trudea, means that Canada will continue to be awash in illegally imported and stolen firearms that is impossible for police to control.


That results in Police across Canada engaging in their own private criminal enterprises to fight crime. The courts turn a deliberate blind eye to illegal searches and fabrications of evidence to obtain and or justify illegal searches.


The primary problem is that many of these "illegal Searches" should NOT be illegal.


Other countries compromise some civil rights for Random Searches that deter, locate and provide accurate statistics on exactly the number of drivers who drive under the influence of drink or drugs, and if employed in Canada

would provide a real deterrent to the importation of fire-arms.


The Chief can talk about guns till the cows come home but what he needs to do and what Every police Chief across Canada needs to do is to tell our politicians that the problem is spiraling out of control and the only solution is changes in the law that legalize Random searches of suspect cars and persons especially in areas immediately adjacent to the border or, with even lower levels of evidence that is now, legally required, but illegally "modified" to justify searches that are presently illegal.


The problem is when Police break the law, even when its wrong and they don't agree with it, they are taking the law into their own hands and when that happens, they fail to understand that they have just become criminals.


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Ottawa Mens Centre






Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Our Police Chief is diverting attention from the 300 Million Dollars that his Police Force Spends on Ontario's Fascist Program of Gender Superiority.

The Ottawa Police claim that 75% of their budget is spent on Partner Assault, and 90% of all those charged are male.

That makes the City of Ottawa one of the most dangerous places on the planet to be a father.

Its very well known that any male calling the Ottawa Police because He is assaulted by a female will most probably end up being charged when its blatantly obvious that he was the victim.

The Ottawa Police virtually invite women to repeatedly assault the fathers of their children until he, out of concern for the children is forced, to call 911.

When that happens the vile most disgusting members of the Ottawa Police, like Detective Peter Van Der Zander of Ottawa Fabricate Evidence NOT to charge the most violent of women.

The Fabrication of evidence by the Ottawa Police and then Malicious prosecutions against male victims of domestic violence is rampant.

When and if a female is charged, its a hell of a battle for police who are forced to seek approval from a Crown Attorney to be able to lay a charge against a female.

When a Crown does approve a charge against a female perpertrator
Ottawa's Number One Criminal Organization, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa uses its influence with the supervisory Crown to have the charges dropped.

The Ottawa Police or even Toronto Police will lay charges against a male on a "she said" that could be many years old without a shred of corroborating evidence. The double standard of evidence is that "She" can do that and "He" cannot.

Its effectively Male Sharia Law and a cess pool of corruption, Fabrication of Evidence by Professional Child Abusers in uniforms of the Ottawa Police for which the Chief represents, a culture that promotes murder and violence towards children and especially full time fathers.

The Ottawa Police then act in Contempt of Court orders, and literally thumb their noses at the fundamental principles of justice to make "Custody Decisions" to remove children from fathers and place them with Violent Women.

Even Male Police officers end up being victims of the same Gender Superiority Program and end up having Ottawa's Number One Criminal Organization The CAS of Ottawa come to the rescue of yet another mentally ill extremely violent woman.

IF you are are a full time father, The City of Ottawa is an extremely dangerous place where women are actively encouraged by our Fascist Police to murder and assault fathers with not just immunity but with the full financial support of Billions of Dollars spent by the Ontario Government on
promoting its Fascist program of Gender Cleansing.

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Ottawa Mens Centre


Ottawa's biggest problem with Crime and Gangs starts with the Ottawa Police at 464 Elgin Street that is a cess pool of criminality.

The Ottawa Police effectively Promote Crime, Promote Domestic Violence and the most serious criminal offences against the Administration of Justice that undermines the Rule of Law.

Worst of all, it undermines and destroys the reputations of the majority of Police officers who do not lower themselves to Criminal Conduct as police officers.

The Chief of the Ottawa Police Promotes Ottawa Police Officers who show potential for Fabricating Evidence, Obstructing Justice and worst of all, promotes those who fabricate evidence to support the Ottawa Police assumption that men are violent and women are victims.

The Ottawa Police habitually fabricate evidence and when they are caught, they get "promoted" by the Ottawa Police Chief.

Recently the Ottawa Police arrested a Female Dentistry student after her husband reported that she had attempted to strangle him with two hands to the throat with such force that it left him with scratch marks and bleeding around the neck.
 Ottawa Police officers Cst. W.S. Smith Badge # 880 aka Sam Smith, aka Wayne Smith, Cst. Wan T. Ngyen #952 all fabricated evidence to protect the "Female Dentistry Student" by arresting the male victim a full time father.
 When the police arrived a witness noticed that Cst. Smith was not taking any note of large bruises on the father, scratch marks and blood around his neck. Cst. Smith was then forced by the witness to make a note.
 Smith gave his notes to Detective Peter Van Der Zander #1639 that "the mother repeatedly slapped him around the head, pulled him by the hair on to a couch where she attempted to strangle him with both hands around his throat."
 Van Der Zander listened to an audio recording of the assault, he heard the assaults by the mother and the father's cries of pain. Van der Zander heard the father say "that hurt" and she replied "it should hurt, you deserve absolute cruelty". She spent hours slapping him around the head trying to provoke him into a reaction. You see, she claimed she had "a contact" in the Ottawa Police who would "Fix it".
 Van Der Zander first interviewed the mother & fabricated a report that she denied choking him when he never asked her the question. After telling her he was concerned she might kill him with a knife next time, he released her without charges without first interviewing the male victim until hours later, and refused to photograph his injuries.
 The Child Abusing Evidence Fabricating Det. Van Der Zander then took the children from the full time father and gave them to the violent Female Dentistry student.

Staff Sgt. Isobel Granger while pulling him of the case when he refused to investigate other violence against the children and partners.  Another det six months later went to a Crown Attorney who approved charges of death threats and just one single count of assault for some 55 assaults.

The evidence was staggering. Dozens of Medical reports documenting injuries, graphic photographs of injuries, and audio recordings of all the assaults. 

The local Gestapo, then contacted Ottawa's Head Crown Attorney Tara Dobec and had the charges stayed.

The female strangler then completed an anger management program and, two days later, assaulted her new male partner with a two handed strangle hold to the neck and with her fingers around his throat, and her thumbs around his windpipe, she coldly told him "My father was KGB, I know what I am doing".

He reported that to the Ottawa Police Partner assault and they did nothing, KNOWING that she had been twice charged previously for domestic violence.

When she discovered that he had reported the choking, she threatened him with false allegations, to the Gestapo, to have his children removed from him too.

He reported that to the Ottawa Police Partner Assault who did nothing.

And thats just an example of how the Ottawa Police can come up with statistics that claim that 90% of victims of domestic violence are women.

Those flawed statistics also fail to details that most of those men who are charged were in fact, male victims of Domestic Violence.

Next time you meet the Chief of the Ottawa Police, just remember that he takes some $400 Million dollars of your money and spends 75% of it on a Fascist Policy of Gender Superiority that promotes violence, child abuse and to do that, his own officers commit offenses against the administration of Justice.

Ottawa Mens Centre

 Ottawa Mens Centre