Canadian government warning of ISIL video challenged by U.S. expert



By Staff The Canadian Press


January 11, 2015


OTTAWA – Canadian officials said Sunday the Islamic State has released a video that calls for attacks on Western countries including Canada, but a prominent American intelligence expert raised doubts on whether there was anything new.

Rita Katz, the director of the Washington-based SITE intelligence group, said the video was comprised of old ISIL videos from August and September and it was not released by an ISIL media outlet or any of its media affiliated groups.

“This is one of several examples where law (enforcement) agencies with insufficient understanding of terrorist groups’ online infrastructure make an incorrect interpretation and cause an unnecessary and false alarm,” she said in an e-mail.


Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney issued a statement about the video earlier Sunday saying security agencies had measures in place to address any threats.

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana also sent a note to officers on Saturday instructing them to exercise a heightened level of caution and vigilance.

“Given the recent terror attacks in France and in Canada, this new threat should be taken seriously,” Cabana wrote.

According to the RCMP note, obtained by The Canadian Press, the nine-minute video was released on Saturday.

The video called on Muslims to kill police, military and intelligence personnel and citizens of various Western countries.

Some of its contents appeared to be the same as an ISIL video released last fall. By late Sunday, the video was not easily found online.

A couple of different videos that experts attributed to ISIL were posted online last year. A slickly produced video called for Muslims to launch attacks on Canadians similar to ones carried out in Ottawa and Montreal last Ocbober that left two Canadian soldiers dead.

Blaney was in Paris on Sunday to pay tribute to those killed in last week’s attacks on satirical newsmagazine Charlie Hebdo and other terrorist attacks in the French capital.

His office said Blaney would likely attend a global security summit announced Sunday by U.S. officials. The summit on Feb. 18 in Washington, D.C. was to gather U.S. allies to discuss ways to counteract violent extremism.

— By Laura Kane in Vancouver







Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

When "a prominent American intelligence expert raised doubts on whether there was anything new"

It's tantamount to an allegation that the Canadian Government was crying wolf.


That call, is coincidental to the two arrests in Ottawa. 


At worst, if the Crown's position is correct, these two men were on a one way suicide mission and letting em go might have been the safest and most appropriate action.


In Ottawa however, the Ottawa Police ignore Domestic Terrorists like Detective Peter Van Der Zander, who Fabricates Evidence to NOT charge the most violent of women who tried to strangle to death the father of their children.


Van Der Zander terrorizes the victims of violent crime with unfounded allegations of the worst kind, and incarcerating the victims of violent crime and at the same time, he takes the children from a full time father and places them in the control of that same violent woman.


The proof of that case took another six months when another Ottawa Detective laid charges of threatening death, and assault, for some 55 assaults after of course having it screened and approved by a Crown Attorney.


The Ottawa Children's Aid Society intervened and had another Domestic Terrorist ,Crown Attorney TARA DOBEC stay the charges when they had already, been approved and screened by another Crown Attorney.


Ottawa is riddled with Domestic Terrorists, You can find them at the Ottawa Police and the CAS which makes Ottawa an extremely dangerous place to be a father and a victim of female domestic violence.


It sends a chilling message. IF you are  a male victim of domestic violence do NOT call the Ottawa Police or the CAS.


Ottawa Mens Centre


If Stephen Harper wants to see some real Domestic Terrorists he should take a walk down to 161 Elgin Street and enter one of Ottawa's most secret court rooms, that of the CAS where he can watch Ottawa's most dangerous terrorist, Marguerite Isobel Lewis in action.

Stephen Harper needs a wake up call, Ottawa's worst most dangerous criminals are not waving the ISIL Flag but are representatives of Ontario's Fascist Extreme Feminist "Gender Superiority Program".

Like the Radical ISIL extremists, Ottawa has its Own Radicals who believe they are justified in Fabricating Evidence to promote Domestic Violence by women against full time fathers.

Det. Peter Van Der Zander of the Ottawa Police was PROMOTED after he was caught Fabricating Evidence and obstructing Justice NOT to charge a violent woman and take the children from the male victim that in incarcerated without cause just to make an illegal custody decision.

Marguerite Lewis a lawyer for the CAS also Fabricates evidence personally and the Ottawa Police concluded that "She lied to the judge its perjury" but dropped the investigation after a phone call with CAS lawyer Tracey Engleking, another
Domestic Terrorist in Ottawa who commits offences against the administration of Justice.

Mr. Harper should talk to his RCMP detail, odds are the could tell him a few stories of the Domestic Terrorists in the Ottawa Police and about their Fascist program of promoting violence by women towards men.

If Mrs. Harper decided to kill Stephen Harper and just left him bleeding around the neck, if he or she called the Ottawa Police you can guess who would be arrested.

Ottawa Mens Centre