Trudeau must counter Harper in Canada's year of fear: Tim Harper

THREE PATHS TO VICTORY Third of a three-part series: Trudeau has style and timing on his side, but needs credibility on foreign policy and security.



Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will have to withstand a withering attack from Stephen Harper and the Conservatives and he will have to eventually defend policy as we approach the upcoming federal election, writes Tim Harper.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Justin Trudeau sure has style, talent, the born and inherited gift of the gab but unfortunately lacks the credibility and or any demonstration of having that "Obama factor" that would cement him as Canada's next prime minister.

As a Liberal MP, he supports the Ontario Liberal Criminal Promotion of Violence by women towards men that costs Ontario and the Feds Billions of dollars.

Justin Trudeau should ask Peter McKay why it is that lawyers for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa are encouraged by the Judges in Ottawa to Blatantly fabricate evidence to support Violence by women against children and fathers.

If Justin Trueau were not a politician, it would only take one single woman to throw one single punch in his face, for him to have blood pouring down his face when the police arrive, arrest HIM and ensure that he never ever sees his kids again.

Justin Trueau turns a blind eye to the Domestic Terrorism in Ottawa by the Ottawa Police and the Ottawa Children's Aid Society.

What hope is there of any change when the leader for the Opposition puts his fingers in his ears, remains blind and refuses to open his mouth regarding Ontario's Fascist War of Gender Cleansing.

Ottawa Mens Centre