Third Ottawa man facing terror charges to appear in court

Kristy Cameron @1310Kristy

OTTAWA – A third Ottawa man arrested on terror charges is set to appear in court Tuesday.

Suliman Mohamed, 21, was arrested by the RCMP on Monday as part of the same anti-terror probe that led to the arrest of twin brothers on Friday.

Mohamed is charged with participating in the activity of a terrorist group and conspiring to participate in a terrorist activity.

Police say Mohamed conspired with twin brothers Ashton and Carlos Larmond.

Ashton Larmond was taken into police custody in Ottawa on Friday. His brother, Carlos Larmond, was arrested at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport, before he could travel abroad to participate in terrorist activity.

Police Chief Charles Bordeleau says Ottawa Police worked closely with the OPP and the RCMP on this investigation.

“I think it speaks to the issue of terrorism across Canada and the potential threat that exists here in our own country,” says Bordeleau.

The Larmond twins are set to appear in court Feb 12.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


These arrests beg the question as to why, they were not allowed to go on a one way journey where their odds of survival for more than a few months is entirely remote while, the same intelligence pipeline was effectively severed.

It appears we have a Politically directed arrests that have no legal logic applied.

The public of Ottawa need to be more concerned about Domestic Terrorists who mascaraed as police officers like Det. Peter Van Der Zander of Ottawa who the Ottawa Police do not deny Fabricates Evidence and Obstructs justice by Fabricating Evidence NOT to charge the most violent of criminals while, incarcerating male victims of female domestic violence for the purpose of “obstructing justice’ , the old school “Ottawa Police Practice” of removing children from full time fathers and giving permanently to the most violent of mothers.

Our Ottawa Police are effectively a Criminal Organization engaged in Domestic Terrorism and are unaccountable.

The 13010 News have been provided with the documentary evidence as to the truth of the above post and it should be examined carefully prior to the consideration of the Ottawa Police or their partners in crime for this post to be removed.

Further evidence is available upon request.

Ottawa Mens Centre




Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau turns a deliberate blind eye to Criminal Offences by their associates in Crime.

You see, the Ottawa Police create their own funding needs, its akin to fire fighters lighting fires to keep themselves in a job. It’s a massive fraud upon the citizens of Ottawa when around 75% of their 400 million dollar budget is spent largely on, fascist ideas of Gender Superiority that require “fabrication of evidence” and serious offences against the administration of Justice.

Recently the Ottawa Police were provided incontrovertible evidence that Ottawa Lawyer Robie Stewart Loomer committed perjury.

Robie Loomer habitually personally swears Affidavits of Service before Court Clerks of the Ontario Superior Court and files them with documents that he swore he had served personally.

Just one problem, when he swears the Affidavits of Service, he has often not served the documents and then, when the deadline has passed, later serves the documents “accidentally” missing essential pages.

The Ottawa Police were provided with several affidavits from a law officer to the effect that Robie Loomer did NOT serve documents upon them prior to the deadline and when the deadline passed, they called the court and discovered that Robie Loomer had prior to the deadline filed an affidavit of service that he had served the documents personally.

Not only are the Ottawa Police a party to a Criminal Offence several Ottawa Superior Court Judges as usual are too cowardly to say anything when a lawyer commits perjury and or obstructs justice in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Police is a Criminal Organization that promotes Criminal offences, Child Abuser and domestic terrorism.

The problems with the Ottawa police are entrenched Criminality called “Old School Policing”. There is no solution other than being declared a Criminal Organization and their disbandment in disgrace.

Ask your politician for the Ottawa Police to be disbanded and replaced by some other police force under new management.

Ottawa Mens Centre



In Ottawa, the name Detective Peter Van Der Zander gets a common response of "Rotten Cop".

This "Dropout" is notorious for Fabricating Evidence and we have yet to hear from those in the know at the Ottawa Police who have the inside scoop on Det. Peter Van Der Zander.

The Ottawa Police management are very aware that Det. Peter Van Der Zander Fabricates Evidence Personally and obstructs Justice.

It's unfortunately that only Det. Peter Van Der Zander is named here as he represents what is known as "Old School Policing" which means, if you Fabricate Evidence and or Obstruct Justice, behave like a Criminal, for illegal goals of the Ottawa Police you get promoted.

Police in Canada remain unaccountable that makes Canada a country devoid of legal rights especially for fathers who just happen to be victims of Domestic Violence promoted by the Criminals at the Ottawa Police.

Before you rush to flag this comment, be advised that the Ottawa Police do not deny that Peter Van Der Zander fabricated evidence and or obstructed justice. They refuse to charge this insult to justice because he is fellow member of Ottawa's number one Criminal Organization called the Ottawa Police.

Journalists or politicians wishing a copy of the documentary evidence should email

The sad reality is not a single Ottawa Politician gives a dam about the Child Abusing Criminals at the Ottawa Police like Det. Peter Van Der Zander.

Ottawa Mens Centre





While the press "know little" about these three men, they do know about the endless criminal offences in Ottawa committed by "Domestic Terrorists".

Its' very well known in the legal world that the most dangerous Terrorists in Ottawa at the very top of the Justice System, the Judges of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice who are brazenly corrupt and are willing to put their reputations on the line to protect, the most evil of all Domestic Terrorists one Marguerite Isobel Lewis.

The Judiciary of Ottawa are riddled with Former CAS lawyers who worked for Ontario's Criminal Cartel of professional fabricators of evidence and who have for decades engaged in a Fascist ideology that promotes violence and abuse of fathers.

It's reached epidemic proportions in Ottawa so much that dam near any and all fathers know that if they report domestic violence, HE will be arrested, charged, and have his children removed from his care.

That's the normal course of events in Ottawa and the primary cause is a cess pool of Judiciary in Ottawa who openly promote violence and abuse of children by mothers.

Justice Monique Metivier recently issued an Ex Parte Order for custody of a child to a violent mother without notice to the father who was the child's primary parent while the mother rarely ever spent any time with the child.

Under the Child and Family Services Act, the CAS are required to return a child to the parent who had charge of the child before they became involved.

In Ottawa, the CAS believe they are above the law, and in brazen contempt of that law, decide to "make custody decisions" for violent mothers even after a mother is just charged with repeated death threats and scores of assaults all in just one day.

When a complaint was filed with the Judicial Council, Justice Monique Metivier chose to "retire" to avoid a daming complaint.

The Ottawa Judiciary have a long list of Judges who are criminally corrupt and who think they are above the law.

Now doubt we will seeing lots of further "retirements" as they come under investigations.

Ottawa Mens Centre