New Parliament security plan takes into account Charlie Hebdo-type attack



By Murray Brewster The Canadian Press



Police secure the scene of a shooting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday Oct.22, 2014.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Federal Government has another more dangerous risk of "Domestic Terrorists" that is habitual, generally insidious because our gutless politicians remain blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to dealing with the vilest example of Criminality in Society today.

When it comes to Child Abusing Domestic Terrorists, the Ottawa Police turn a
deliberate blind eye to Ontario's worst Child Abuser, Marguerite Isobel Lewis a
lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who is the virtual high
priestess of the legal world of Ottawa who habitually abuses what is called "The
Power of God".

Marguerite Lewis Fabricates Evidence to take children from Male Victims of
Domestic violence and to place them at a certain risk of harm in the care of the
most violent of mothers.

The Ottawa Police are very family with OPS File No. 13-7254, that of
Obstructing Justice and Fabricating Evidence by one Marguerite Lewis, a lawyer
no less, an officer of the court, in "Child Protection" for the "Children's Aid
Society of Ottawa".

Detective John Gibson of the Ottawa Police reviewed documentary evidence
of transcripts and concluded "She lied to the judge, It's perjury" Later he
stopped the investigation after having a phone call with another criminal,
lawyer Tracey Engelking of the CAS Ottawa who, can at the snap of her little
finger, get illegal, "ex-parte orders" for custody of children, which is the
Criminal offence of "obstruction of Justice".

If you want to meet a Domestic Terrorist who abuses children, take a drive down to 1602 Telesat Crt Ottawa, and ask to speak to Domestic Terrorist Marguerite Isobel Lewis, an unconvicted Child abusing Criminal who is supported by her former work mates, now Judges of the Ontario Court of Justice where she expects to join them shortly.

Marguerite Isobel Lewis belongs in Federal Prison and yet, she gets her criminally corrupt requests rubber stamped by the a group of judges who are going to be asked to retire in disgrace.

Justice Jennifer Belishen a former lawyer for the CAS.

Justice Timothy Minnema a former lawyer for the CAS

Former Sudbury Lawyer Justice Robert Maranger

Justice Maria Linhares Desousa a former lawyer for the CAS

Ottawa Mens Centre