Little known about terror charges: lawyer

January 13, 2015





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

While the press are willing to publish details of two yet unproven allegations of domestic terrorism, there is an almost unbelievable reluctance by the Press to publish the stories of the most dangerous "Domestic Terrorists" that exist in Ottawa and commit criminal offences with impunity and immunity.

These three named terror suspects, do not have a record or reputation for offences against children or the administration of Justice, two of the most disturbing criminal offences.

When it comes to Child Abusing Domestic Terrorists, the Ottawa Police turn a deliberate blind eye to Ontario's worst Child Abuser, Marguerite Isobel Lewis a lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who is the virtual high priestess of the legal world of Ottawa who habitually abuses what is called "The Power of God".

Marguerite Lewis Fabricates Evidence to take children from Male Victims of Domestic violence and to place them at a certain risk of harm in the care of the most violent of mothers.

Even worse, is that she is encouraged to Fabricate Evidence by Judges like Timothy Minnema, because he too is a former lawyer of the CAS and even as a judge, now personally fabricates evidence to assist the CAS in their war on fathers, Ontario's fascist program of "Gender Superiority" that results in 99% of custody cases in placing children with mothers.

As a result of a systematically Corrupt Ottawa Judiciary, Fathers and children have no legal rights in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Police are very family with OPS File No. 13-7254, that of Obstructing Justice and Fabricating Evidence by one Marguerite Lewis, a lawyer no less, an officer of the court, in "Child Protection" for the "Children's Aid Society of Ottawa".
Detective John Gibson of the Ottawa Police reviewed documentary evidence of transcripts and concluded "She lied to the judge, It's perjury"  Later he stopped the investigation after having a phone call with another criminal, lawyer Tracey Engelking of the CAS Ottawa who, can at the snap of her little finger, get illegal, "ex-parte orders" for custody of children, which is the Criminal offence of "obstruction of Justice".
 Ottawa Mens Centre