Law, faith, and tradition ó none of them saved Makayla: DiManno

Makayla Saultís parents seem to have suppressed any remorse for her death, but thereís plenty of blame to go around, says Rosie DiManno.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Honourable Justice Gethin B. Edward simply failed to balance the obligation of the State to protect a child when the parents refused to do so and tragically a child died.

This was a needless death and across Ontario, we have a cess pool of a criminal industry that's jokingly called "Child Protection" what is a Monopoly farmed out by the billions of dollars to unaccountable professional child abusers and criminals who generally fail to protect children, abuse children and engage in self serving Billion Dollar litigation.

The worst of these creeps is Marguerite Lewis, an Evidence Fabricating Lawyer for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who, fabricates evidence to assist the most violent and the most dangerous of mothers such an Ottawa Dentistry student who attempted to strangle the full time father, an object of pure hatred for the CAS.

While she fabricated evidence, the police investigated, screened with a Crown Attorney and laid charges of death threats and assault for some 55 assaults in just one day.

The CAS then had the Head Crown in Ottawa a Corrupt TARA DOBEC "stay the charges" when the mother had just completed anger management and then, assaulted her new male partner with a Stranglehold to the neck with her thumbs intertwined around his windpipe, coldly told him "My Father was KGB, I know what I'm doing".

The CAS had incredible quantities of incontrovertible evidence of endless assaults against children and the full time father, but,that was just the excuse Marguerite Lewis needed to Fabricate evidence that ended up in an Ottawa Police Investigation and that's another story you can read at

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Watching Ontario Superior Court Judges is akin to watching children being tortured in front of you.

Increasingly the vilest examples of psychopaths choose to become lawyers for the Children's Aid Society. Meeting them can be a disturbing experience. It's akin to meeting the professional torturer at Gestapo Headquarters which is exactly the name lawyers refer to them as
"The Gestapo".

The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa is riddled in some of the nastiest examples of Criminality imaginable. They abuse their absolute power and have direct lines to former CAS lawyers turned Judges or the Dis-honourable Corrupt professional politicians who make political decisions for their local Criminals in the CAS than consider anything like the realities of law or child protection.

It's full of its own language, "Continuum, Proportionality" which are buzz words used to cover up Fabrication of Evidence by Judges like
Monique Metivier and Denis Power who both retired to escape Judicial Council investigations.

Then there is Timothy Minnema, former CAS lawywer now full time Rubber Stamp for the CAS where he FAbricates Evidence Personally.

If you have an interest in Child Protection, get ready for a list of sudden "retirements" including the incredibly corrupt Maria Linhares Desousa who personally cancels motions to knowingly protect her associates and friends in Crime, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.

Ottawa Mens Centre.



Ken and Sonya Sault might claim their constitutional rights but at the end of the day, it's pretty obvious that they put their own selfish interests before the life of their own daughter and, failed to take any notice of the best medical advice around.

When parents refuse to listen to medical professionals, or stop taking their prescribed medication or simply put fingers in their ears when they hear voices talking to them or fail to tell the doctor that they are hearing voices because the doctor will realize they are nuts, then they are such a risk of harm to children that Judges, have an obligation to put aside those constitutional rights and do the right thing by the child.

The Honourable Justice Gethin B. Edward unfortunately made a terribly gutless decision and chose political correctness rather than
legal correctness.

If he was a pilot, he would simply throw the check list out the window and just fly by the seat of his political pants.

If judges were tried flying most of them would crash before they got to the end of the runway.

They break all their own rules, using what is called The Legal Process of Justification. That's what Criminals do when committing crimes.

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