Alberta sets up special phone line to report rats


January 20, 2015




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

When it comes to Rats, there is a serious problem with Rat infestation at 464 Elgin Street Ottawa.

That is where you will find the excrement of humanity like Detective Peter Van Der Zander who personally Fabricates Evidence to NOT charge Ottawa's most violent women.

Recently the Ottawa Police arrested a Female Dentistry student after her
husband reported that she had attempted to strangle him with two hands to the
throat in such a grip it left him scratch marks and bleeding around the neck
which was observed by police officers upon arrival.

Ottawa Police officers Cst. W.S. Smith Badge # 880 aka Sam Smith, aka Wayne
Smith, Cst. Wan T. Ngyen #952 fabricated evidence to protect the "Female
Dentistry Student" by arresting the male victim a full time father.

When the police arrived a witness noticed that Cst. Smith was not taking any
note of large bruises on the father, scratch marks and blood around his neck.
Cst. Smith was then forced by the witness to make a note.

Smith gave his notes to Detective Peter Van Der Zander #1639 that "the mother
repeatedly slapped him around the head, pulled him by the hair on to a couch
where she attempted to strangle him with both hands around his throat.

Van Der Zander listened to an audio recording of the assault, he heard the
assaults by the mother and the father's cries of pain. Van der Zander heard the
father say "that hurt" and she replied "it should hurt, you deserve absolute

Van Der Zander first interviewed the mother & fabricated a report that she
denied choking him when he never asked her the question. After telling her he
was concerned she might kill him with a knife next time, he released her without
charges without first interviewing the male victim and refused to photograph his

The Child Abusing Evidence Fabricating Det. Van Der Zander then took the
children from the full time father and gave them to the violent Female Dentistry

Van Der Zander's criminal conduct got him removed from the case and then promoted but at an incredible cost to children and society.

You see, several months later, she assaulted a new male partner who reported to the police that she placed both hands around his neck with her thumbs intertwined around his windpipe and coldly told him "My father was KGB, I know what I'm doing".

The Ottawa Police refused to investigate, you see the perpetrator was female and victim male and of course, it would not help, the evidence fabricating Rotten Cop, Det. Peter Van Der Zander.

The female strangler then discovered that he had reported the choking and threatened him with false allegations to "the Gestapo", the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who provide violent women with billions of dollars in free legal services.

Her new male partner reported that threat and Intimidation to the Ottawa Police and guess what they did, you guessed it, absolutely nothing.

The Ottawa Police get $400 Million Dollars and they state around 75% of that goes to their "partner Assault" group that spends most of 300 Million Dollars Fabricating Evidence NOT to charge violent women while charging mainly male victims of domestic violence.

Some Six months later, the same Strangler of men, was charged with death threats and assault for some 55 assaults on one male in one day. The evidence included dozens of doctors medical reports, photos of injuries taken by doctors and audio recordings of all the assaults. Prior to the charges being laid , the Ottawa Police officer took the precaution of getting the charges screened by an Ottawa Crown Attorney.

The Ottawa Gestapo then contacted Ottawa's head Crown Attorney Tara Dobec who "Stayed the charges" claiming that there was no probability of a conviction.

If you have a story about any of the above drop us a line.

Ottawa Mens Centre