Court orders Awso Peshdary not to contact other men accused of terror charges


February 4, 2015





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

It can be a rather chilling experience meeting real terrorists face to face dressed up in suits and ties apparently getting the presumption of innocence before often lengthy jail sentences.


While these are very obvious "Domestic Terrorists" there is another breed of Domestic Terrorists that constantly cost Tax Payers billions of Dollars and those billions of Dollars are your dollars paid by the Federal and Provincial Governments to Ontario's largest Criminal Cartel of Children's Aid Societies.


The scale of the Criminality is beyond the comprehension of the average citizen who just knows that the CAS are "bad news" to have involved and always believe it won't happen to them.


There are male members of the RCMP and OPP who have been victims of the CAS Ottawa and every single father in Ottawa had better understand that if they are victims of Domestic Violence there it is a Fatal Mistake to call either the Ottawa Police or their partners in Crime the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa where God Father Rob Godman has the power to direct Malicious Prosections by the Ottawa Police and to have the Head Crown Attorney Tara Dobec Override her own Crown Attorney's and have charges previously screened and approved "Stayed".


One of the Worst Child Abusing Domestic Terrorists in Ottawa is CAS Lawyer MARGUERITE LEWIS aka Marguerite Isobel Lewis who personally Fabricates evidence in front of Judges like Timothy Minnema a former CAS lawyer who now not only personally fabricates evidence as a judge, but, turns a blind eye to blatant Fabrication of Evidence by CAS lawyers like Marguerite Lewis in front of him.


Another Domestic Terrorist is Ontario Superior Court Judge Monique Metivier who takes orders from the CAS Ottawa to issue EXPARTE orders in secret court hearings to enable other equally corrupt Judges like

Robert Maranger to turn a blind eye to not only blatant Fabrication of Evidence by what Bob Maranger himself refers to as "Judicial Misconduct".


Ottawa is perhaps one of the Most Corrupt Cities in the western World with a cesspool of professional Child Abusers all paid by the Government to Abuse Children and promote murder and domestic violence against fathers who have NO legal Rights in Ottawa or Ontario.


If you are a primary parent Father you are at grave risk in Ottawa of meeting these vile Ottawa Criminals who will fabricate evidence to NOT charge the most violent of women and fabricate evidence to ensure more children never see their father, a male victim of domestic violence again.


What is particularly disgusting is that Stephen Harper, Peter McKay and Justin Trudeau are fathers living in Ottawa. It is the Justice Minister who should be reacting and unfortunately he remains silent while in the most Corrupt and lawless City in the western world.


Ottawa Mens Centre