Justin Trudeau says Liberals will support anti-terrorism bill


February 4, 2015





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Justin Trudeau, HAD past tense, all the opportunities in the world to become the Canada's greatest politician. Since becoming leader of the Liberals, it has all gone to his head, and has Flip Flopped on Gun Control, the Gun Registry and gone pandering to who ever he thinks might hold votes for him and the liberals.

If he had ethics, he would not be Flip Flopping. That makes the dark horse leader of the NDP suddenly appear as the least evil and the most trustworthy.

That being said, NOT a single politician with an exception of the Ontario Conservatives has bothered to speak up on the issue of Billions of Dollars being spent of Federal Money on the Ontario Criminal Cartel called the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

This is a very nasty corrupt Criminal Fascist Organization that even lawyers openly refer to as "The Gestapo". A university Video is available at www.Blakout.ca that has dozens of Ontario Lawyers speaking out warning citizens of the epidemic of Crime by these professional child abusers.

If you hate Child Sex Offenders, get ready for something even worse, ONE Marguerite Isobel Lewis , a psychopath with a propensity to Fabricate Evidence TO assist the most violent of females that lawyers reviewing said it was the most shocking case of violence by a woman to children and partners that they had seen.

Marguerite Lewis gets away with this Domestic Terrorism because we have an Equally disgusting criminally corrupt Judiciary with Judges like
Tim Minnema, Robert Maranger, Monique Metivier, Jennifer Belishen and the Fembox of Ottawa Maria Linhares De Sousa who all Obstruct Justice to assist violent women remove children from Male victims of domestic violence.

The Ontario Government Promotes a Fascist Program of Gender Superiority, it primarily selects for the Judiciary, those lawyers with a demonstrated Nazi like belief in Gender Superiority and who impress the government that they will make Political decisions disguised as legal decisions.

Feel free to send a copy of this post to your lawyer, your politician, and remind them that the reason why Ontario is in a Financial mess is because we have had decades of corrupt government promote their own corrupt ideas that now require a clean sweep of the Judiciary, the Ottawa Police and the replacement of the Ontario Children's Aid Societies with an Accountable Ontario Government Department of Child Protection.

Justin Trudeau has failed to answer numberous letters on this subject and has yet to express any concern regarding the Provincial and Federal Government's Fascist Policy of Gender Superiority that makes fathers criminals anytime a violent woman says so.

Ottawa Mens Centre