A look inside Nova Scotia’s newest jail: Includes indoor gym, academic programs for inmates


February 7, 2015








Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

There is little comprehension in society that Jails also house a large number of wrongfully convicted men as a result of an increasing Fascist Policy of Gender Superiority that convicts men largely for no other reason than they were male victims of female violence promoted by Police.

The Ottawa Police have a Criminal Fascist Culture of Fabricating Evidence to obtain convictions against, victims of crimes that they don't want to see and spend 75% of their budget covering up Criminal Offences by Police officers who Fabricate Evidence NOT to charge violent women.

Three members of the Ottawa Police recently Fabricated Evidence to NOT charge one of Ottawa's most violent women.

Here are the names of Three Ottawa Police Officers who are unconvicted Criminals.

Constable's W.S. Smith Badge #880, (aka Wayne aka Sam, aka Samuel Wayne SMITH)

Constable VAN T. NGUYEN Badge # 952 and

Constable Peter Van Der Zander Badge # 1639 all Fabricated Evidence to NOT charge one of Ottawa's most violent women who attempted to murder her husband. Van Der Zander Fabricated a written report that a mother "denied attempting to strangle" a full time father. The Ottawa Police repeatedly failed to provide disclosure of that interview that later showed Van Der Zander Never asked her that question but WAS told about it by Cst. Smith. Van Der Zander claimed that the mother's assault was a "reflex action" and it was "consensual" .

A Sgt Granger removed Van Der Zander for failing to investigate the assaults, another officer however did charge that mother with Death Threats and assault for some 55 Assaults in one day. Those charges were pre-screened and approved by an Ottawa Crown Attorney.

The violent mother's Free Legal Team at the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, headed by Evidence Fabricating CAS lawyer Marguerite Lewis and Child Abuser CAS Supervisor Rob Godman, had Ottawa's Corrupt Head Crown Attorney TARA DOBEC Stay the charges two weeks later.

If you meet these child abusing evidence fabricating Rotten Cops and criminals, tell them to resign.

Feel free to forward this post to the equally corrupt Chief of the

Ottawa Police charles.bordeleau@ottawapolice.ca who turns a blind eye to

offences by his Criminal Organization. or the Association for this Criminal Organization ottawapa@ottawapa.ca

IF you have any information regarding these Ottawa criminals, email info@OttawaMensCentre.com

Ottawa Mens Centre




Canadians have unfortunately adopted an American Republican idea of justice without any intelligent understanding of the practical best interests of society and Justice that are rarely ever served by incarceration.

Judges and criminologists use restorative justice except in cases where incarceration is needed to protect the public.

Canadian Jails rarely meet their own basic standards with overcrowding resulting in more risks to society than benefits.

Canadians are blind to the sheer number of wrongful convictions, and to the epidemic of Criminals who make up the Police, the Child Protection Business and all the Authorities who get funded to billions of dollars for their interest in escalating use of jails.

The very worst criminals are Police like Ottawa Police Det. Peter Van Der Zander, Child Protection Lawyers like Marguerite Lewis in Ottawa who fabricates evidence to such an extent she earned the nick-name "The Baby-Snatcher".

Courts are full of cases where the Police refuse to provide disclosure that might embarrassment and that makes them the worst criminals in the country, all funded to the tune of  Billions of Dollars and 99.99999% of the time none of them will ever face criminal prosecution.

Worst of all, Ontario is riddled with a Judiciary exemplified by former CAS lawyer Timothy Minnema who personally Fabricates evidence of "admissions" and then takes children from full time male victims of domestic violence and gives them to violent mothers who repeatedly place strangle holds around their male partners and admit habitual assaults of children and partners.

Then there is the Dishonourable Monique Metivier, who "resigned" to beat an investigation by the Judicial Council who in turn is protected by dam near every other Judge in Ottawa who operate like members of a Criminal Cult, who, unfortunately will never see the inside of a jail cell.

Ottawa Mens Centre