Fatal shooting of gang member rocks Barrhaven neighbourhood


February 8, 2015



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Ottawa Police spend 75% of their 300 Million Dollar Budget, "Targeting" Male Victims of Domestic Violence by Fabricating Evidence to NOT charge violent women, charging male victims to maintain their own claims for More Police Officers to join this Criminal Organization that promotes Murder and Violence.

The fact is every Full Time parent is in a vulnerable position of being the victim of abuse and abuse of power.

The problem in Ottawa is that the Ottawa Police are notorious for Fabricating Evidence NOT to charge the most violent of female offenders and, charging Male Victims of domestic violence for no other reason than to remove children from the full time care of fathers to place them with violent women.

The Corrupt Ottawa Police are unaccountable, above the law, without any accountability which encourages the vilest examples of Police Excrement to become like Detective Peter Van Der Zander, professional Domestic Terrorists.

Van Der Zander is an example of a Rotten Cop who brings a bad name to every other police officer who does not engage in the Ontario Governments Fas.cist program of promoting Murder and violence by women against men.

If you know this vile example of humanity, tell him to do society a big favour and resign from his role as a Government Funded Domestic Terrorist, child abuser and promoter of murder and violence.

Every local, provincial and federal politician needs to be asking how and why it is that Corrupt Rotten Child Abusing evidence Fabricating cops like Peter Van Der Zander can escape any form of accountability.

It's blatantly obvious that all police forces don't give a dam about the damage to their reputations created by one outstanding example of a child abusing evidence fabricating rotten cop.

Ottawa Mens Centre