Stephen Harper won’t rule out sending lethal weapons to Ukraine


February 9, 2015

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper listens to a question during a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, Feb. 9, 2015.

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Stephen Harper declined to rule out supplying lethal military aid to Ukraine if diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict with Russian-backed rebels in the eastern part of that country fail.

“We’ll look at all options,” Harper said, when asked if Canada would be in favour of a shift in aid to Ukraine from humanitarian and to lethal defensive weapons.

“But obviously we will proceed extremely cautiously in partnership and collaboration with all our allies,” he added at a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel, who stopped briefly in Ottawa Monday evening after a visit to Washington, is engaged in a furious round of shuttle diplomacy over Ukraine. Worried about the possibility of a proxy war in Ukraine between the West and Russian President Vladimir Putin, she is stressing the need to find a diplomatic solution to the deepening conflict.

“I hope we will be able to solve this conflict by diplomatic means because I think, by military means, it cannot be solved,” Merkel said.

Earlier at the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama weighed in on Ukraine after a meeting with Merkel. The U.S. has so far provided only non-lethal aid to Ukraine but Obama said Monday he might reverse his position if diplomacy fails to make headway in ending the fighting there.

“The possibility of lethal defensive weapons is one of those options that’s being examined,” Obama told reporters.

While emphasizing the need to move cautiously, the Conservative government renewed its demands for Putin to halt the military action in east Ukraine by Russian-backed separatists.

Jason Kenney, who was appointed defence minister on Monday, said Canada must continue to confront the “outrageous Russian aggression” in east Ukraine.

Harper said both Canada and Germany recognize the territorial integrity of Ukraine and “we will never — no matter how long it takes, notwithstanding what methods are used — Canada will never accept the illegal occupation of Ukrainian territory by Russia.”

Harper said he and Merkel also discussed economic conditions, the continuing efforts to implement the Canada-European Union free-trade deal and the rise in Iraq and Syria of Islamic state, which Harper termed a “jihadist monster.”





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Steven Harper wont rule out replacing the Maple Leaf with a Swastika or declaring that fathers in Canada are criminals at birth, but he might as well because that is the reality in Canada, and Ukraine is just an all too convenient diversion.

Ontario Courts now "place" children with mothers 99% of the time and despite the population, you can place on one hand the number of fathers who receive spousal support from women in Ontario in any contested matter.

Ontario promotes the Murder and Domestic Violence by women towards men. Across Ontario Police Forces like the Corrupt Black Shirted Ottawa Police spend 75% of their budget on "Male Sharia Law" or prosecuting the Male Victims of Domestic Violence.

Places like Queens University, Ottawa University preach that Women can murder men providing they claim to be victims, victims of any sort of delusional and or fictitious  abuse that is instantly created at even the Supreme Court of Canada when one woman hired an RCMP officer as a "hit man" to kill her husband.

Even the Supreme Court of Canada believes in the Fascist Idea of Promoting Murder and Violence against children and Fathers.

In Ottawa one Corrupt Child Abusing Evidence Fabricating Police Officer deserves a mention. He is a classic example of Ontario's Fascist Program that promotes Murder and violence by women towards children and Fathers.

Detective Peter Van Der Zander was caught Fabricating Evidence and Obstructing Justice in terrorizing a male victim of domestic Violence AFTER he released a mother giving her advice "next time she might kill him with a knife" and " next time she should call Police first who would help her.

Van Der Zander fabricated a host of written false statements that included "She denied attempting to strangle him"  when he never asked her the question or she made such a denial.

Van Der Zander claimed "it was a reflex reaction" "a consensual fight" when the Officers found the father bleeding around the neck with finger nail scratches around his wind pipe and extensive large bruises. Van Der Zander also had an Audio recording of the murder attempt and fabricated a host of statements that were not made. His Written Report was and is pure fiction.

Van Der Zander was removed from the case, and another officer months later charged her with Death Threats and Assault for some 55 assaults in one day. The charges were screened and approved by an Ottawa Crown Attorney.

AT the same time, she assaulted a new male partner with wait for it, a strangle hold to the neck, with both her hands around his neck and her thumbs intertwined around his windpipe, she coldly told him "My Father was KGB, I know what I am doing"

That was reported to the Ottawa Police who did nothing which is what they did when she found out he reported the choke hold to the neck and threatened to make a report to have his children taken away from him as she was able to do her previous victim.

Those charges were Stayed by an Ottawa Crown attorney Tara Dobec upon the request of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who are notorious for Fabricating Evidence against, male victims of domestic violence and their advocacy of hundreds of millions of dollars for free legal services for violent women.

Steven Harper has real problem with Fascism at home in his own Capital of Fascism Ottawa Canada.

Ottawa Mens Centre