Fair trial in question for Ottawa man linked to 2007 triple homicide


By Staff

The Canadian Press


Orleans man Ian Bush, 59, was arrested and charged with forcible confinement and attempted murder in the brazen break-in of war veteran Ernest Côté.

A man facing charges in the alleged robbery of a 101-year-old war veteran heads to court Friday with an even darker legal cloud on the horizon – one that at least one expert says has tainted the case against him.

Ian Bush appeared in court Friday after being charged with attempted murder, robbery with violence, forcible confinement, and break and enter in a home-invasion robbery in Ottawa last December. A psychiatric assessment revealed he was mentally fit to stand trial.

Shortly thereafter Ottawa police detectives arrested him and charged him with three counts of first-degree murder relating to a 2007 triple homicide in Ottawa.

But a number of media outlets had previously reported that Bush, 59, was already being investigated in connection with the three murders that until recently was considered a case that had gone cold.

Bush’s lawyer says it’s clear police leaked the information linking her client to the 2007 deaths of retired tax court judge Alban Garon, his wife Raymonde and their neighbour, Marie-Claire Beniskos.

Criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt says the leak before a charge is laid could make it difficult for Bush to get a fair trial.

At the same time, says Spratt, it will be all but impossible for Bush’s lawyer to argue for a change in venue for a trial, in an age when news spreads like a virus over the Internet.

Police are refusing to comment on the leak, saying the case is now before the courts.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

One of the signs of a respectable cop is that they show respect the rights of the accused.

I recall a lawyer friend of mine who was savagely assaulted with a golf club that broke his arm in six places. The accused was quickly arrested and there was no doubt that he committed an extremely violent assault causing bodily harm with a weapon.

The charges were dismissed by a single judge of the Ontario Court of Justice because the arresting officer fabricated his evidence.

I also knew the cop. He was charming, charismatic, well educated but had lowered himself into fabricating evidence when there was absolutely no need to do so. All the evidence for a conviction and more, was available but he could not help himself from his usual practice of Fabricating Evidence.

While there is no allegation of the police fabricating evidence in this case, they did however do a lot of damage to the interests of justice and their own reputation.

Why on earth would the Ottawa Police decide to do something so stupid as to commit an act that would bring the administration of justice into ill-repute when reportedly, they have the case all sown up with DNA evidence?

If they are so desperate to release the information to cause prejudice to the accused, it raises the question of just how reliable the rest of their evidence is.

The Ottawa Police are very good at Fabricating Evidence, Obstruction of Justice and prosecuting victims of domestic violence when the victim happens to be a full time father.

The Ottawa Police cost the residents of Ottawa some 400 million dollars a year, and 75% of that budget is spent on their Fascist Program of Gender Superiority that promotes Murder and Violence by women towards men.

That pales into insignificance the cost to society with the administration of Justice, Child Protection, legal aid all of which is further abused to fund the self serving interests of those called "the authorities of Ottawa".

The Ottawa Police commit these criminal offences because they have NO accountability and they answer to allegations of criminal offences by police officers is to "shoot the messenger".

Welcome to Ottawa, the Home of Canada's Corrupt Ottawa Police.

Ottawa Mens Centre