We are trading away our lives for the shallow rewards of capitalism - and it's harming our children


Steve Biddulp (a rampant feminist who insults fathers )


The man's voice rang out, loud and angry, breaking the quiet of the suburban street.

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We are induced to work long hours without respite for parenthood, or for anything like a natural rhythm in our days

"Get in the car you little shit!" I went to the window to see a three-year-old child still not complying, a young baby already strapped in and an older child watching, open-mouthed.

You could feel a whole rush of emotions, sympathy for the father's plight for who has not wrangled with kids and cars in their time and dismay at such aggression and loss of control. But also a sadness, that if this was a pattern, and not just an especially bad moment, then this child's life was not going to go well.

Thirty-six years ago, I first wrote about this problem which I saw every day in my work in Launceston, a blue-collar mill town where parents loved their kids but so often saw them go off the rails. The negative cycle that so easily sets in expresses itself at worst in violence, but at best as a constant language of put-downs and verbal attacks. Idiot, useless, slut.

My book The Secret of Happy Children struck a chord in places like Britain and Germany, where a new generation were seeking a more positive and affectionate way to be a family. It was counter-cultural in the mould of Dr Spock, arguing that love and warmth were more effective than fear and power in making kids settled and co-operative, as well as more confident and successful in adult life.


Negativity and abuse in parenting were symptoms of the industrial era, the terrible stresses and deprivations of urban life, the hammering of war on the nerves and bodies of men. Snapping out in rage at children was a side effect of adults being stretched beyond belief, and of the heightened patriarchy which came with the industrial way of life. It coloured everything.

A friend of mine, now in her fifties, remembers a loving, and sensitive grandmother whose first name was Hope. Her husband, a cultured but domineering man, referred to her constantly, and in front of others, as "Hopeless".




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Steve Biddulp is another "psychologist" who writes Feminist Propaganda for Feminists as a way of selling books.

You see, as a "psychologist" he knows what is "reaction formation" where people fabricate facts because the true facts are not what they want to see.

To put this another way, Steve Biddulp is a fraud, he tells people, "feminists" what Feminists wish to see.

He falsely portrays all men , fathers as abusers of children.

There is nothing worse than a child abuser except, a pathetic human being who, falsely presents information that portrays all men or or fathers as abusers.


Now while he does not actually say all fathers are abusers, that is the inference of his insulting and degrading writings.


Every country has their share of insults to manhood and unfortunately, Steve Biddulp is one of them.


Ottawa Mens Centre