Kathleen Wynne suggests she was under ‘vicious’ attack in Alberta legislature because she’s a woman


WINNIPEG — Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has suggested she was insulted in Alberta’s legislature last week because she is a woman.

Wynne received a hostile welcome from members of the province’s opposition Wildrose party during a visit hosted by Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. Most Wildrose MLAs refused to stand when Notley introduced Wynne, before one MLA attacked Ontario as a debt-ridden basket case while Wynne sat in the gallery.

Notley and many observers labelled Wildrose’s behaviour as inappropriate and even rude. The controversy escalated Friday, when the same MLA, Derek Fildebrandt, posted a comment on social media that appeared to be directed at Wynne’s sexuality. Wynne is openly gay.

Facing a significant backlash, Wildrose suspended Fildebrandt from caucus and apologized to Wynne for her treatment in the legislature.


Appearing on stage at the federal Liberal convention in Winnipeg on Saturday, Wynne was asked whether she accepted Wildrose’s apology. Wynne responded by first talking about how women in politics face different challenges than men.

“Yes, I accept the apology,” she continued. “But I think that it was an interesting confluence of things. It was a woman premier in Alberta. I’m there as a woman, we’re talking about climate change. And I think the attack, the viciousness of the attack, had a particular quality to it.”

Wynne was then asked whether Wildrose would have reacted the same way if she was a man, or if Fildebrandt had been a woman.

“I think the standards are different,” she said. “I think that the expectation of behaviour is different. Are there vicious women in politics? Yes. That’s just a reality. I would hope, certainly in Ontario, any visiting dignitary would be treated differently. I would hope there would be a different tone.”




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Notice how the National Post refuses to allow comments of this story as it does any story that might

attract any comment that might not meet the approval of Premier Wynne.

This story is an ther example of how Wynne diverts attention from his fiscal stupidity by portraying her self as a victim.

What is offensive is that MLA, Derek Fildebrandt, did not actually post any comment directed at her "sexuality", but responded to a readers comment.

What matters is that Wynne uses her power or refuses to use her power as premier, to maintain what is called "Male Sharia Law" that

treats men in Ontario as second class citizens.

You won't hear her commenting about Ontario's Gender Superiority Program that is thinly disguised, Gender Glensing.

Now, she goes to Alberta and instills fear in anyone who might not like her incredibly stupid fiscal policies,

which of course have nothing to do with her Gender.

Ottawa Mens Centre