Second Ottawa officer suspended in probe of missing gun



June 14, 2016


Ottawa Sun



A second Ottawa police officer has been suspended from duty after a drunken weekend in Kingston prompted a probe into how this city’s officers handled a force-issued firearm.

Const. Ahmed Hafizi, an officer since 2007, was suspended with pay on Monday. His suspension comes after fellow officer Const. Christian Nungisa was suspended in May after he reported his own gun stolen while in Kingston for a weekend. Nungisa reported his personal vehicle with his force-issued gun inside of it — believed to have been stored there after a training exercise — stolen from his hotel parking lot in Kingston. Police believe Nungisa later found his car but then failed to notify Kingston police that the car had not been stolen.

Kingston police later spotted what they believed to be Nungisa’s stolen vehicle with Nungisa inside it.

Upon returning to Ottawa, police believe, Nungisa’s firearm was stored with a friend rather than being returned to his locker. A senior officer attempted to verify that Nungisa had his gun, but was unable to immediately do so.

Police believe Hafizi was with Nungisa in Kingston and complicit in the events that unfolded, prompting his suspension.

Hafizi, a former prison guard, was the force’s first Afghan-Canadian officer, according to a Citizen story from 2007. He emigrated from Afghanistan with his parents and five siblings in 1990.

Hafizi bears the same name as his nephew Ahmed Hafizi, who was convicted in March of killing Navid Niran in a 2012 ByWard Market fight.

No charges have yet been laid against either officer.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The Ottawa Police rarely ever turn on one of their own and when police do look for a fall guy to take the rap, they generally turn on the most recent and the person that they want to get rid of for all the wrong reasons.

Hafizi as the article points out, is also the name of his nephew who was "convicted" in March of killing David Niran in 2012.

Constable Ahmed Hafizi's offence pales into insignificance the rampant criminal offences committed by Ottawa Police on a habitual basis.

Everyone in Ottawa needs to know that the Ottawa Police are one of Canada's largest Criminal Organizations where Fabrication of evidence is the way they keep themselves employed.


They are in turn protected by a Judiciary and a Provincial government who ensure that there is next to no accountability for police officers who habitually Fabricate Evidence for their own agenda or that of our Fascist Ontario Liberal Government that believes in Female Gender Superiority or what is called "Male Sharia Law".

Ottawa Mens Centre