Man pleads guilty to setting up kidnapping, murder-for-hire of woman he met online




NEWARK, N.J. -- A New Jersey man has pleaded guilty to planning to kidnap and kill a woman he went on two dates with after meeting online.

Christopher Thieme, of Newton, pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court in Newark.

Authorities say the Paterson woman attempted to cut off contact with Thieme after two dates. He also admitted in court he was at least partly motivated by greed.

Prosecutors say the FBI got involved after Thieme asked a friend for help to kidnap the woman. The friend called authorities who set up a sting operation.

Investigators say Thieme told an undercover FBI agent that he would pay him by selling the woman's home while she was being held. He told the agent he would make her death look like a heroin overdose.

Thieme could get decades in prison.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

If the genders had been reversed and the the accused was a female in Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada has already decided that a female who hires a hit man to kill the father of their children, is a victim, that's right, a victim without a shred of evidence to support the notion and contrary to incontrovertible evidence of her motives to have him killed.


Ottawa is a cess pool of corrupt judges and Police who engage in pure fabrications to "recreate history" to what they want to see rather than reality.

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