'Vexatious litigant' Thomas Percy Tupper turned down by Supreme Court of Canada


Tupper launched legal action after a traffic accident in 1983 and is still battling away

By Blair Rhodes, CBC News Posted: Mar 10, 2016 


The case started with a lawsuit filed by Thomas Percy Tupper, and stems from a traffic accident in Kentville in 1983. Tupper was riding a motorcycle when he struck and injured a pedestrian. (Blair Rhodes/CBC)

A man dubbed a "vexatious litigant" by Nova Scotia's highest court has been denied a chance to take his case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Thomas Percy Tupper launched his legal action after a traffic accident in 1983. It grew over 33 years to include allegations of a vast conspiracy and ended with the declaration that he is a vexatious litigant.

It means the man can't pursue his case any further without the court's permission.

Tupper tried to take the decision by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court. But in a decision released Thursday morning, the court refused to hear the case. As is typical in such matters, the court did not provide reasons for its decision.

Tupper was riding a motorcycle when he struck and injured a pedestrian on June 4, 1983. Tupper was uninsured and riding without a headlight. The pedestrian was drunk and unable to avoid the collision.

A judge decided Tupper was 75 per cent responsible for the collision and awarded the pedestrian more than $28,000. Because Tupper was unable to pay his share, his driver's licence was suspended.

Tupper came to believe he was the victim of a conspiracy that started with the pedestrian and spread to include lawyers and judges who dealt with his case over the years.


Commentary by he Ottawa Mens Centre

Around 50% of Vexatious Litigant Orders are overturned. At first glance his claims that he was the victim of a "vast conspiracy" sound far fetched.

All that it takes to obtain a vexatious litigant order is one Corrupt Lawyer personally fabricating evidence and an equally corrupt judge who knowingly fabricates a decision. That happens frequently in Ontario and Ottawa Superior Court habitually turns a blind eye to evidence fabricated by Police and local authorities.

These corrupt public officers, resort to vexatious litigant orders to silence allegations of criminal offences backed by incontrovertible evidence.

If you are a father, Ottawa is the most corrupt radical feminist Courts in Canada.


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