'Hot cop' won't have to give birth in jail







BARRIE - A Crown attorney wants an OPP officer who is eight months pregnant to go to jail for breach of trust but a judge decided Wednesday to let her have the baby before her sentencing.


Kara Darnley, formerly dubbed “Canada’s hot cop” after she participated in a quippy comedic television competition, was found guilty earlier this year of breach of trust after she was caught copying “faked” confidential information and sharing it with her fiance in 2012.


Her defence lawyer is outraged and called it a case of “entrapment” by her boss.


Court heard how Darnley’s employers at the Wasaga Beach detachment were concerned that her fiance’s friends were involved in drugs.


So they set up a surveillance scheme called an “integrity play.” They planted a hidden video camera near a bright yellow file folder that stated her fiance’s friends were under surveillance for drug trafficking — but it was all a hoax just to see what she would do.


Darnley took the bait, photographed the documents and brought them to her boyfriend all while she was being secretly recorded by a female undercover officer who pretended to be her close friend. In the recordings, played in court, Darnley sounds alarmed and warns her man to stay away from the alleged drug dealers, but he insists his friends are clean, hardworking men.


The entire play involved 680 hours of surveillance with 480 hours of wire taps on Darnley.


“It’s very fortunate no real investigation was compromised ... because the investigation was fake,” said Crown Jason Nicol who wants Darnley in jail for one year and suggested she should have her baby while in custody and CAS would take it away.


“Sentences for police officers must be more severe than for that of the average person.”


The Crown also brought up “bad character” evidence to show Darnley had been sleeping on the job during night shifts and had taken two OPP T-shirts that were no longer being used.


“This is nothing more than mud-slinging,” said defence lawyer Angela McLeod who suggested many officers sleep during night shifts when there are no calls.


McLeod has argued her client was “lured” by the friendly undercover officer and should receive a conditional discharge, noting Darnley has already been punished as she will lose her “dream job” as a police officer.


“There are many cases of police officers assaulting others in the community who have received lesser sentences,” McLeod said.


Justice Susan Healey told court that she was “troubled” by the case.

“She did not do this for personal gain. It seems to me Ms. Darnley was trying to steer her boyfriend away from criminal conduct,” the judge said. “I see this as very different from a corrupt police officer.”


In the end the judge decided to sentence on Sept. 14 to allow Darnley time to have her baby so that she won’t have to have it in jail.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


First, readers need to know a lot more about this case, and the motivations of those involved. It also begs questions. Why was Crown Attorney Jason Nicol brought in from Pembroke to deal with a prosecution in Barrie?


The answer is most probably a conflict of interest with local crowns who did not wish to prosecute a local cop.


Sounds like ethics are perfect but they are the exact opposite. The local Crown don't want to be involved but wish to stack the cards to ensure that Kara Darnley gets off one way or the other.  She also brought herself under attention, the wrong sort of attention, that made her a huge target.


Now, Jason Nicol is a Crown Attorney who is exactly the WRONG CROWN to be involved in this prosecution. In fact, his ethics are so questionable, the odds of any accused getting a fair trial or a fair prosecution is questionable yet, he is typical of the filth that are chosen to be Crown Attornies in ONtario.


Jason Nicol stays charges to help out Rotten Cops, cops who fabricate, cops who commit perjury and, in particular, he will OBSTRUCT JUSTICE to help out women who are charged with offences.


In one well known case, Jason Nicol stayed charges against a violent woman in Timmins when he was under an order by the Attorney General of Ontario not be involved because he, like his fellow corrupt local Crowns had a conflict. He then used his conflict and personal motivations to stay the charges and created a trail of destruction that continues to this day.


Jason Nicol is a corrupt Crown and even though he makes this reader want to puke, his ethics are generally not as bad as the the more serious criminals employed as Crowns in the Province of Ontario.


Not all Crown's are corrupt or lack ethics like Jason Nicol. Most are WORSE, most will do anything and everything to win a case for political reasons and politically correct pressures including pressures to "conform" to a systematically corrupt criminal group called the Crowns of Ontario.


Most of them a narcissistic psychopaths who engage in endless games of "reaction formation".


They "fake" believes that the end justifies the means, that they are "right" to recreate facts, to turn victims into accused and the accused into victims depending upon GENDER.


Jason Nichol should not be involved in this case because he is effectively acting for the defence which means, that the state of Ontario will not have an effective prosecution or that the prosecution is based on improper reasons.


The tragedy is that the criminal filth of the Crown's office like Jason Nicol will end up retiring as Crown's never to be held accountable for their actions and who will leave a trail of thousands of destroyed lives especially children who never ever see their father again after this POS gets involved.


Ottawa Mens Centre